bucket list

Chapter 1

:) bucket list

by: XxRenaexX
Driven a car: yes
Been on a boat: only a ferry
Been on a train: yer
Been in a helicopter: Nope but I want to
Been on a submarine: nope :(
Been in an airplane: yep :)
Ridden the Subway: yer
Ridden a bike: yer who hasn’t
Total so far:6 out of 8

Gone skydiving: nope but I want to but I don’t :/
Gone Scuba diving: No, but i would loooove to.
Been in a mine: no
Been on a scavenger hunt: YEP
Played hide and go seek in the dark: Yes that is the best way
Played capture the flag: yer I got made in primary school
Ran in a race: yer but didn’t want to
Played sports on a team: YEP
Aced a test: yes
Failed a test: YEP
Total so far: 13 out of 18

Had a boyfriend/girlfriend: yer
First kiss: no
Punched someone in the face: yes But they deserved it
Licked a frozen pole and gotten your tongue stuck: yes :( not proud of that
Total so far: 16 out of 22

Been on the radio: no
Been in the newspaper: YEP
Been the top link on Google when you searched your first name: NOPE
Been on TV: yes only on the news where they showed a video of something that was happening in my school
Been in a movie: nope
Total so far: 18 out of 27

Sung in front of a crowd: no
Danced in front of a crowd: yer
Acted for a crowd: no
Given a speech in front of a crowd: yep

Total: 20 out of 27 :)


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