What I Found was Not Expected

I started writing this a LOOOOONG time ago... but never put it up... Here it is!! :3

Chapter 2

Love?? Maybe??

As we were discussing plans and stratagies, I had a feeling someone was watching me. I looked around and saw a young boy looking at me. I pointed him out to Marius.
"That's just Gavroche," he said. "Don't worry about it. Gavroche! C'mere!" Gavroche came closer.
"Gavroche, this is Nicolette. Nicolette, this is Gavroche."
"Pleased to meet you," I said, after Marius aquainted us.
"Same to you, miss," said Gavroche, bringing my hand to his lips and kissing it. I gave a small laugh.
"My, aren't you a little gentleman!" Behind me, Enjolras laughed.
"He's a gentleman as much as I'm a woman," he said and laughed again. I laughed with him. "He's only acting polite because you're beautiful." After that last remark, he blushed and looked back at the plans. I felt a small heat cross my cheeks.
"Ooh!!" said Gavroche, in a sing-songy voice. "Enjolras likes Lettie! Enjolras likes Lettie!"
"Lettie?" I said, pondering the nickname. "I like it! You may not be a gentleman, but you sure are smart." Gavroche motioned me closer. I leaned down to hear what he wanted to tell me.
"Do you like Enjolras, too?" he whispered. I thought about it. Then I whispered my answer back.
"As long as you won't snitch, yes, I do. He's very good looking." Gavroche looked ecstatic.
"Why can't I tell him? You could start something!" I laughed.
"I'm just not sure if he likes me back. Just because I'm pretty-"
"That's the understatement of the century."
"-Doesn't exactly mean he likes me."
"Fine. But if I find out he does like you, I'm telling!!" Then he ran off before I could object.
"Gavroche!! Hey!! Get back--" Then I saw him whispering to Enjolras.
Oh no...
Enjolras glanced at me, a faint smile playing on his lips. He winked at me. I giggled. Thank goodness I had hidden acting skills I never new about.
I'm going to kill Gavroche... The little Ladies' man will die...
Gavroche came back.
"He likes you!" he said, jumping up and down slightly. "He really likes you!"
"Okay," I replied, using all my willpower not to strangle him. "But does he know I like him?!"
"Actually, no. I wanted to keep him guessing. He was watching your expression, and he thinks you may not like him back."
"Well," I said , my cheeks heating up, "good to know." I got a mischievious smile on my face. Enjolras will never know what hit him...

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