What I Found was Not Expected

I started writing this a LOOOOONG time ago... but never put it up... Here it is!! :3

Chapter 1

My Beginning

I found myself in France with. No idea how I got there, or who I was. I also found myself with a lot of money. So I began my new life.
First, I bought myself a small house with a new wardrobe. Looking more like mens' clothing than womans'. I also found myself some friends.
"Hello," I began at the ABC Café, to a couple of boys about my age. Whatever my age was. "My name is Nicolette. How do you do?"
"Very well, thank you," said a boy, "I'm Marius Pontmercy and thse are my friends, Enjolras, Grantaire, Feuilly, Combferre, and Éponine. Are you new around here?"
"Yes, actually," I said. "Can you help me out? Show me around and the works?"
"We're actually pretty busy at the moment," said Enjolras, before Marius could answer. "Maybe later?"
"What are you doing?" I asked. "Maybe I could help?"
"We're planning an uprising," said Enjolras. "The king has been inconsiderate to the people in the slums of St. Michael. And we intend to stop the selfishness."
"Sounds like a plan. What to do first?"
"Collect weapons and ammunition. Then stir up the people in anger and realization. After, build the barricades and prepare to die."
"Sounds delightful. What a picnic." Everyone around me smiled. I felt the connection of frienship.

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