Strange but Weird

I decided to write a collection of my weird dreams, starting with last night. I have to warn you, they are intensely strange.

Chapter 1

Nov. 2

I had a dream that I was in my bedroom in a strange house. My stuff was all in the corner, and I tied to rearrange it but I couldn't. So I asked my mom to do it. She tried, but it was really bad. My desk(I don't have a desk in real life) ended up upside down. My bed was blocking the door. I didn't like it at all; it wasn't even close to the set-up I had imagined.

Suddenly, Dumbledore was there. I decided to ask him to rearrange my room, knowing he could do it with just a word. He nodded. My room was immediately transformed: It had a fireplace and everything you could want. I really liked it but it still wasn't exactly what I wanted. However, I didn't mind.

All of a sudden, I was in the garden. There was a rhino chasing me. There were two other kids being chased as well. We were up on the roof trying to escape the evil rhino. I took off running for the woods behind the house (We don't actually have woods behind our house.) I was about to reach the 'safety' of the trees when I realized there were giant acromantulas running at full speed out of the forest.

I ran out to the highway by the house (again, we do NOT have a highway anywhere near us). I started running away from the spiders but realized I wasn't fast enough to outrun them. So I, randomly, started running towards them. I found that I could leap over them two at a time. It was fine, but then their eyes started glowing red and the had lava coming out of their backs.

Freaked out, I started waving my arms as if I could fly, and the strange part is, it worked. I began to fly over the creatures, low at first but gaining altitude.

The spiders disappeared and suddenly there were cars all over the street. I had somehow ended up in a floating inter-tube in midair. I didn't know what was going on, but there were a bunch of cops staring up at me.

Then I woke up.

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