Frozen In Love (Fanfiction Story)

I'm sorry, I HAD TO DO IT!!
Well, this is my first fanfiction story. It's for Jack Frost (of course!). Come on, it's not like we didn't see this coming! Lol, enjoy everyone!

Chapter 1


Snow days. Every kids wants one to happen, and when one does happen they go out and have snowball fights, or go sledding or skiing. Except me that is. I'd rather sleep all day. I was never a fan of cold, harsh snow. They cause ice, blizzards, and disasters. I use to wish snow never existed, that it was always summer outside. Then I met him, and my life changed. The day I met Jack Frost...

You all knew this was coming! In honor of the up coming movie "Rise of the Guardians", I've decided to write a fanfic story of my favorite character Jack Frost. Enjoy the rest of the story peeps!

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