In love... with an angel?

Melanie is an average teenager... Almost.
She sees this boy, who helps her when she's in trouble. And she doesn't know him at all. But when he mysteriously appears for real, he shakes life up for the both of them.

Chapter 1


I swing my legs over the side of the bed and sigh, stretching my arams high in the air. Ugh. Mornings. And school. I walk into my closet, rubbing my eyes dreamily.
I swig open my closet door, looking at my clothes. All a bunch of jeans, hoodies, boots, mis-matched socks, and t-shirts for my favorite bands. I grab a pair of dark, distressed denim jeans, a Black Sabbath t-shirt, two random socks, and a pair of long, fuzzy brown boots. I throw on the clothes, and straighten my hair. I start to head out my door, when I trip. Then, something catches me. I look up, and see that same, smiling face. It's a teenage boy, he appears whenever I'm in trouble. And it freaks me out. He sets me back on my feet, and is gone.
Weird. I think.
But the guy is kinda cute.
I walk down the stairs, keeping one hand on the railing so I don't slip again. I walk past the kitchen, knowing there won't be anything there for me. Not anymore. I think, grabbing a bag which carries the necessary items for my school day. I slip my cell phone in my pocket and walk out the door, grabbing my skateboard as I go. I set it down on the ground and hop on it, gliding down the sidewalk. I skateboard to school because I only live two blocks away, and it wastes gas to take my car for such a short distance. I pump my leg, slamming it against the ground every once and a while, propelling myself forward. I hum to myself as I roll along, down the sunny streets until a gloomy prison looms ahead of me. School.
I sigh, and step off of my skateboard. I press down the end of my skateboard and simotaneously reach down and grab the end, lifting it off the ground, I walk into the large building. People are clustered in tight groups, chatting with their friends. An arm materializes on my shoulder.
"Hey." I say, looking up at my best friend, Gavin.
He smiles down at me.
"Nice shirt." He says.
"Thanks." I smile back up at him.
"We should probably get to class." He says, gesturing to my fellow classmates, who are now scattering every which way to get to their classrooms.
I sigh, and trudge forward, dragging Gavin with me. We're in almost all of our classes together, which makes me extremely lucky. I cross the threshold of the old door and step into the classroom. I'm immedietly blasted with a farmiliar, old, musty scent. I plop down in a seat in the back of the classroom, and Gavin slides into the seat next to mine with ease. Mr. Heywood walks to the front of the classroom and begins talking, while I look down at my notebook and scribble on it at random.
The day flys by, and I have less homework than usual. I wave goodbye to Gavin and walk out the door. I throw my skateboard on the concrete sidewalk, breathing in the fresh air. I smile. The sun is still shining, and it's brilliant rays light up the sky so bright, it's almost blinding. Which I think is nice.
I push myself forward, staring off into space. Halfway down the block, I realize I'm no longer pushing myself. I look back. Bright blue eyes look up into mine. Those bright blue eyes.
"Who are you?" I ask.

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