About Me

About Me

Chapter 1

another one

Name: Kristiana
Nickname(s): most people call me Kristi or Kris...I have some more personal ones like Ana, Banana, Napalm, Hauntie, Lou, etc. from certain people
Age: 22
Grade: Graduate School
Birthday: August 3rd
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Religion: none
Favorite Food: Chicken Cutlets, macaroni
Least Favorite Food: seafood, and I know it's a condiment but mayonnaise.
Favorite Drink: Water, Milk, Iced Tea (alcoholic: loose caboose or talisker)
Least Favorite Drink: certain flavored lemonades

Favorite Color: green
Least Favorite Color: orange? maybe?
Favorite Book(s): The Count of Monte Cristo, Anita Blake series, Angela's Ashes just to name a few for now
Least Favorite Book: probably a book called On Beauty...I forget the authors name.
Favorite Movie: Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels
Least Favorite Movie: no clue
Favorite TV Show: Doctor Who, Downton Abbey, Ink Master, Law and Order: SVU
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 133 lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: changes, mostly between light and dark browns, hazel, and almost green
Favorite Website: probably quibblo, last.fm, and wordpress (my blog)
Favorite Possession: my pets (although they don' totally feel like possessions), my books, my claddagh ring, my nikon
Pet: black lab (tessie), orange mackerel tabby (dove), and a betta fish (ashburn)...and I take care of many others including a golden retriever and german shepherd, as well as two other cats
Family Members: just me, mom, and dad...though my parents are not together and I live with my grandparents at the moment
Favorite Number: 3
Piercings: ears - three in my left cartilage and both lobes are stretched to 0g
Most Favorite Thing About Yourself: I can relate, empathize, sympathize with most people and am the go-to person for many
Least Favorite Thing About Yourself: I'm irresponsible at times.
Others: What others in particular? Feel free to use the comment section to ask me more questions! :)


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