Harry Potter: An Oliver Wood story

Just like the title says. This is a Harry Potter fan fiction about my favorite character Oliver Wood.

This is purely fan fiction all charters, places and things belong to JK Rowling except the ones I add to the story.

Chapter 1


Pennyfeathers screeched with excitement. For she knew every time Oliver packed his trunk it was time to go back to Hogwarts once again. It was Oliver's 4th year at Hogwarts. He couldn't wait to get back to being captain of the quidditch team. Oliver finished packing picked up his trunk and Pennyfeather's cage and headed down stairs.

At the train station Oliver hugged his parents good bye. He boarded the train and took his seat by the window. The train ride to Hogwats was always long. Though it seemed to get shorter and shorter every year.With that people like to talk. This time there was a rumor going around that Harry Potter was aboard.

"Oliver can you believe it Harry Potter is on the train some where," said a girl from Griffendor sitting across from him.
"That's what they say, who knows if it's actually true," replied Oliver.
"Yes but wouldn't it be amazing if he was sorted into our house."
"I suppose so," said Oliver.
He really didn't want to say much because he knew if the rumor was true that must mean You Know Who is still out there. Oliver's parents always told him stories and that it wasn't wise to announce such things. He never doubted that they weren't true stories. Unlike other witches and wizards out there who fear to even speak the name. It was always best to keep such thoughts to your self.

The train finally arrived into the station. Like every year the older year students would be the first to get off the train and arrive to the school by carriage through the woods. While the first years stayed behind and headed by boat. They were all gathered at the Great Hall anxiously waiting for the first years to arrive. Oliver couldn't wait to see if the rumor was true. They would all find out in about a minute. The first years came through the doors single file awaiting for what ever was about to come.


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