Harry Potter Story -First Year-

A Harry Potter story about a girl called Rachel Thorne. It's her first year and she's put into Gryffindor. Her best friend becomes Hermione Granger. I can't think >_< (Written by Adorable051 and I. :) )

Chapter 1

On The Train

I waved to my parents and got on the train. I sat down in an empty compartment and looked out the window as the train left. I started to read but got bored and just stared out the window. I jumped as someone knocked on my compartment door. I stood up and opened the door. Two boys said something but I wasn't really listening. I said yes and they sat down in the compartment. One had brown hair and green eyes and the other had ginger hair and blue eyes. I think, I wasn't really concentrating on eyes. As the brown-haired boy sat down, I saw a scar. Harry Potter. I thought. I was still staring dreamily out the window. "What's your name?" The ginger-haired boy asked me. "Nicole Thorne."
"I'm Ron Weasley."
"Is that Harry Potter?"
"Yes." Now that I knew their names, it would be easier to talk to them. "Hey, uh... Harry, is this your first year at Hogwats? Hogwarts, I mean. And Ron, is it yours?" They nodded. We could be friends... I thought. "Do you know any spells?" I asked. They both said "No.". I looked out the window again, trying to figure out where we were. I guessed we were nearly at Hogwarts. I went to change into my robes soon after Harry and Ron did. I could see Hogwarts now. It was like a castle. Well, it actually was, but still a school. The train stopped and people started to get out of their compartments, getting their things and going out the door. I went out and saw boats. I heard the words "Firs' years" in that direction, so I went there and got into a random boat.

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