The Quibblonian Hunger Games: Closed! Thank you all for sending characters! :D

This is one of those times when Im thinking I'm a genius! :DDD

Chapter 1

Anyone Interested?

The Quibblonian Hunger Games! Who wants to sign up?! I do!!

Well... Anyway, For those who want to submit a character to be in the story, simply fill out the form below and put it as a comment on this story :). I'm not sure if I want this to be a group story or not, yet.
Important All our characters are from The Capitol: this is a post-hunger games fanfic, where the 76th hunger games takes place. 24 (or twelve, depending on how many people are interested in signing up), half girls and half boys, are randomly selected from a certain writing website for writing numerous hunger games fan fictions, an offense to all who have ever actually participated in the hunger games :).

Now to the interesting part: your character forms! This character, obviously, is you, in appearance and personality (or else it wouldn't be the quibblonian games!), so try to make it as similar to yourself as you can.

Name: (Your own name, if possible. If you can't say it, try to think of a name that fits your personality. Or you could put your quibblo nickname/username! :D.. I probably won't care if it's nonsensical, like cookie cookie, or something.)
Physical Appearance: (please don't put a link, unless it's a photo of you. Try to describe yourself in words.
Weaknesses: (At LEAST four)
Strengths: (At MOST four)
Skills: (If you don't have any, that's completely fine! Oh, and at MOST 3!) (in weapons, physical strength, knowledge of making traps, etc. basically anything that would actually be useful in the games.)
Hobbies: (If you put down song/writing or drawing/singing, please put down more than just that! There is no limit to the hobbies your character can have. ...Okay. At LEAST three. And yes, it could be something modern that isn't mentioned to exist in the books. You live in the Capitol, after all.)
Life at Home: (OPTIONAL) Family? Pets? How are they treated? Any history I should know? Are they lavishly rich, or just averagely rich? Basically anything you want to add about how they lived before they were reaped for the games.

Yep, I left out age on purpose.

Oh! And I'll ask you before doing anything drastic to characters, like making them fall in love 0_0

So submit your character! I can't wait to start this thing!

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