Just a Little Luck (A One Direction Love Story)

Hey party people!!! hehe, anyhoo, this is a group story writtne by yours truly! And NataliaJumexxx and ArtemisRocks1400. Yes, it's about the oh-so-lovely One Direction! Let's just say...IT'S GON' BE GOOD! hahaha, twists, turns, etc.

Yeah, I am totally in a weird mood, so...xD PEACE!

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Lucky Star

I could not believe where I was standing. Well, actually, sitting. I was in the X-Factor dancers prep room, sitting at a vanity brushing my hair into a black bow to match the purple and black outift I was wearing. I guess I should explain my situation. It all started when I was wishing Annabelle and Isabelle luck on the finals, when a mysterious worker ran up to me and said, "Do you dance? I need you to dance for someone. Follow me." So, you know, I did, and he led me to ONE DIRECTION. So that brought me to where I was now. Suddenly, the announcer said that 1D was about to perform. I ran over to my group of dancers and took my place onstage, and began to dance. After the announcement of the winners OH MY GOD. THEY WON!!!!!! I sprinted to them and hugged them fiercely. "You know what this calls for?" Isabelle sqealed "NANDOS!" But before I could answer, Liam Payne approached us. We chatted for a while before he left and then, off to Nandos we went.
We walked into Nandos with huge grins on our faces. Everyone knew who Annabelle and Isabelle were, and I was smiling cuz I was just feeling lucky. "This is the best day of our lives, Isabelle!" Squealed Annabelle. "Well, maybe its cuz Natalie is our lucky charm. She was there for every audition, boot camp, and live show." "Ok, its not because of me! You two are AMAZING. Accept it." They giggled, and we ordered and sat down. It was then that I saw a familiar mop of curly hair walk in the restaurant, with 4 hooded boys in tow. "Is that...", said Isabelle. "I think it is!" I squeaked. "GUYS! WHO ARE WE TALKING ABOUT?" Shouted Annabelle. "LOOK!" Isabelle and I shouted at the same time. She spun around, and her mouth dropped open in shock. "Its One Direction!!!!!" They began to approach our table. "Act cool, guys. Act cool." I instructed. "Hello, ladies. How's it feel to be the winners?" Asked a familiar husky voice. "Awesome! Its so surreal!" Annabelle and Isabelle said. "And who, might I ask, is your friend?" "I'm Natalie. I danced for you. On the show, I mean." "Oh, I remember you! Bow girl!" "Yep, that's me." They sat down, and I could sense there was something going on between Isabelle and Liam and Annabelle and Niall already. We chatted, and I ended up becoming good friends with the boys by the end of the night, and Annabelle and Isabelle got on really well with them, too. We exchanged numbers, and Skype names, and then left.
"THAT. WAS. AMAZING!!!" Shrieked Annabelle. I was sitting at my laptop in my bedroom, logging on to skype. The screen flashed "5 Contact Requests". It was the boys. "Annabelle, chill. I can hear you from my room." "Your room is right next to ours. Of course you can!" Said Isabelle. All of a sudden, a video chat request popped up. "Guys, I'm gonna be on a video call. Be quiet." I accepted, and Harry's face popped up on the screen. "You couldn't bear to be away from me, could you?" I giggled. "You wish, blondie. I just got lonesome, and the lads went out without me." I put on a mock pouty face. "Poor little Harry, all by himself." "Oh, and you are so popular? I bet you're never alone!" "I will have you know that those two," I gestured to the door, "never leave me alone. So alone time would be a gift!" All of a sudden, Annabelle shouted, "Natalie! Isabelle and I are making an ice cream run! Be back in 20 minutes!" Harry grinned. "And then there were two." "Hold on a second. I have to change. NO PEEKING!" A sly smile crept across his face. "No promises." He winked. I laughed and hopped off the bed, running to my dresser and pulling out a blue cami with matching blue and pink polka dot satin shorts. I ran to my mirror and threw my hair into a high ponytail with a pink cheer bow, and washed off all my makeup. Then put on some lip gloss and mascara. Then I raced back to the computer. "Done!" He laughed. "That was fast. It seems you can't bear being away from me, either." I blushed. "I just change fast, ok?" Then he began asking me about myself, and I asked him about himself, and we talked, flirted, and laughed. Before I knew it, it was 2 AM! Had Annabelle and Isabelle even come home? "Harry, I have to go check something. Be right back!" I walked out, turning slightly, only to see him staring as I left. Oh god, they were sound asleep. "Night, guys." I walked back, and talked to Harry until he had to go. Then I logged off, and lay on my bed. I liked where things were going with Harry. I liked it a lot.

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