Just a Little Luck (A One Direction Love Story)

Hey party people!!! hehe, anyhoo, this is a group story writtne by yours truly! And NataliaJumexxx and ArtemisRocks1400. Yes, it's about the oh-so-lovely One Direction! Let's just say...IT'S GON' BE GOOD! hahaha, twists, turns, etc.

Yeah, I am totally in a weird mood, so...xD PEACE!

Chapter 10

Masters of Disguise

When Liam and Isabelle left we resumed our conversation like nothing had happened.

"What about you Annabelle? You have to tell your story," Niall poked me in the side, causing me to squeal.

"I won't tell you. It's... too embarrassing." I crossed my arms stubbornly. Natalie laughed at me.

"Well then I guess we'll have to tickle you," she said, smiling smugly. I narrowed my eyes.

"You wouldn't."

"Oh I would." Natalie smirked. I sighed. She stared. I avoided her gaze. She got the others to stare me down.

"Oh for cryin' out loud! Alright, I'll tell you!" I cried, throwing my hands up in the air everyone cheered. "Yeah yeah yeah."

I was about to begin when we were rudely interrupted. A girl came in with her family. She saw us way in the corner and looked surprised. She immediately came over to us and squealed.

"I CAN'T BELIEVE IT. Most of One Direction and half of BelleX2!!!!! This is the best day ever!!! Can I have your autographs?" She shrieked. I winced before plastering a smile on my face. Some voice she's got there.

"Of course! Sorry my sister isn't here. She ran off when we started embarrassing her," I laughed and winked at the girl, who giggled.

"Thank you sooo much!" She squealed again, drawing out the "so." I signed a napkin, as it was the only thing we had on us, and the boys followed suit. She walked away as she took out her phone.

"I need new friends. Preferably not famous ones," Natalie muttered, making us all laugh. I excused myself to go to the restroom. When I walked past the same girl from earlier, I heard her on the phone.

"Yes, they're here! You can get a bunch of pics for the mags!" She giggled into the phone.

My first thought was that she was ridiculous enough to use text talk in a real conversation. Then I realized she was going to bring a bunch of paparazzi to the restaurant. I turned around and speed walked back to the table so I wouldn't bring attention to myself.

"Guys? We have a problem. Little Miss I'm Gonna Shatter Your Eardrums over there managed to get some paparazzi coming. We have to leave now." I hissed, grabbing my bag. Everyone jumped into motion and we hurriedly payed and left. We sprinted to the car as I called Isabelle.

"Should we take the car to find them?" Natalie asked when we got there. I shook my head and pointed to the license plate, which was personalized.

"It says BelleX2 on it. We can't. And we can't take the other one either." I fretted, plopping my bag in the backseat of my car. "I guess...Natalie drive the car home, I'll go find them."

"Are you mad?" Niall asked. I laughed because everything was so ridiculous. "If you have to go, take one of us with you."

I knew he wanted to come, so I said he could if he thought he could keep up. Everyone else piled into the cars and took off, just as the paparazzi started to appear. I took off in the opposite direction than they had gone, my flip flops slapping against the pavement. Niall was just behind me, and I could hear him breathing hard. I smirked. I'm a track star, he couldn't compare to me.

We rounded the corner and saw the beach. I heard screams and knew they'd been spotted. I ran even faster and left Niall in the dust.

When the screaming girls were in sight, I couldn't tell where they began and where they ended.

How do they do this? I thought, diving behind a bush. I was sweaty, covered in sand, and hiding from crazed fans. What a wonderful life.

Niall found my hiding spot and came over. I looked at him, shrugged, and put my finger to my lips. I craned my neck, trying to catch a glimpse of Liam or Isabelle. Finally I found them.

I called Isabelle again and she was way out of breath. I told her where I was and she said they'd circle around back of the buildings and meet up with us.

Five minutes later Isabelle and Liam appeared, and the pack of girls was on the move. I led the four of us into a little shop and we hid in the fitting rooms.

"Where's everyone else?" Isabelle asked.

"Probably at our place by now. We couldn't take a car so I ran here. And Niall had to be a gentleman and accompany his fair lady in tramping through the streets," I said, using a posh accent. Isabelle rolled her eyes at me but giggled.

"So..not to be a Debby Downer, but...how do we get home?" She asked. I thought about it. We couldn't just stroll through the streets. A taxi would look suspicious, as would calling the others. I peeked my head out and saw that we were in the perfect store for our current situation.

"Annabelle has a plan. I can see it in her eyes. The question is, is it one of her good ones." Isabelle said. I glared at her and proceeded to share my plan.

Twenty minutes later we were slipping out of the shop wearing different clothes, wigs, and a lot of makeup.

"Who would've thought that I would accidentally lead us to...Little Shop of Costumes. Wow, great name," I said and rolled my eyes. Everyone laughed. "Now remember your accents! I am Irish, Niall you're British, and you two are American." I pointed to Liam and Isabelle.

"Hopefully you two won't have to talk though," I muttered under my breath, earning a punch from Isabelle. I stuck my tongue our at her.

We made it back to the flat without being stopped or having to talk. It was almost eleven o'clock, though, and when we entered our flat, everyone was asleep.

"Well, nice to know they care about our safety and were deeply worried," I said sarcastically, flipping on the light switch. Everyone jerked awake as I clapped my hands together quite loudly. "Your welcome for being a master in stressful situations. I am now going to bed because I sprinted a long distance, hid from crazed fans, and walked several blocks home wearing a disguise. Happy winning to us."

Everyone laughed at me as I ranted, waving my hands as I walked to my room. Yeah, well being the hero is hard work.

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