Just a Little Luck (A One Direction Love Story)

Hey party people!!! hehe, anyhoo, this is a group story writtne by yours truly! And NataliaJumexxx and ArtemisRocks1400. Yes, it's about the oh-so-lovely One Direction! Let's just say...IT'S GON' BE GOOD! hahaha, twists, turns, etc.

Yeah, I am totally in a weird mood, so...xD PEACE!

Chapter 1

The Beginning

I couldn't help the broad grin stretching across my face. This is such a rush! Me and my twin sister, standing behind stage, waiting to perform on the stage of the XFactor. And not just auditions, or anything like that. The finals!

I looked over at Isabelle. She looked back at me. The only difference between ourselves. Among the long, thick, reddish brown hair and the average height and the few freckles in between, our eyes kept us unique. My greenish blue couldn't be compared to her dark blueish grey. I smiled, and we stepped onto the stage.

Immediately, the screams and the bright lights hit me full in the face, and it was all I could do to keep smiling and walking. I don't think I'll ever get used to that feeling.

I heard the music start, and I just sang. Isabelle sang and I sang and we rocked the stage as best we could. The crowd was on it's feet, and i was in a daze. Isabelle smiled and I smiled, the judges smiled, the crowd smiled.

After a little feedback, we ran off stage and started hugging each other. I was jumping up and down, so excited that I didn't even notice as One Direction walked past us. Neither did Isabelle. Well, I guess I saw them but at that point, I didn't care.

"ANNABELLE! We are amazing!" Isabelle shout-whispered. Yes, our names are Annabelle and Isabelle. I go by Belle sometimes. I laughed.

"HECK YEAH, ISABELLE! WOOT WOOT!" I shout-whispered back. We giggled, and then finally calmed down. Next was the hard part: waiting.

Isabelle and I just talked a little, but it was empty chatter. You could tell how nervous we were just by looking at us. My leg was bouncing up and down, Isabelle was practically strangling her hands. Finally our friend Natalie came up to us. She's a dancer, but she's also a cheerleader.

"You'll never guess what just happened!" Natalie said, and we were grateful for a distraction.

"What?" I said, but Isabelle did at the same time. "We gotta stop doing that, Isabelle!" I said, giggling. Natalie rolled her eyes.

"So, One Direction is performing tomorrow, and they needed a replacement dancer. They chose me!" Natalie squealed, jumping up and down.

"Cool! You dance away with their hearts!" I said, just as Liam from One Direction came up. Crap!

"Dance away with whose hearts?" he asked, and I frantically tried to think of an answer.

"Um, the hearts of the audience!" Isabelle put in. I threw her a look that said thank you!!!!!!!!!! Natalie and I nodded enthusiastically.

"Yes. That's what I meant! Um, hi! I'm Annabelle, this is my twin Isabelle, and our friend Natalie. She's dancing for you tomorrow." I said, smiling. Liam smiled back.

"Well, hello! I know who you two are, of course! Nice to meet you Natalie." He said. I wondered if Isabelle likes Liam. She just broke up with her long time boyfriend, and she's been a little emotional, and I know Liam has gone through the same sort of feelings.

"Well, maybe you can meet the rest of the boys later. I'm sure you aren't in the mood to talk right now. I know how it feels," Liam said, and we nodded thankfully.

"That would be amazing!" Isabelle said, which surprised me since she's shy at first. Liam looked back towards the other boys, and I saw Niall looking over towards either me or Isabelle. I smiled and waved just in case. He did the same. Liam left, and Natalie left a minute later to rehearse or something.

Isabelle and I went back to doing what we were before. Finally, bored out of our minds and nervous as can be, we said goodnight. Going to our room, we got ready for another night of almost no sleep.

The next morning

Isabelle and I got up and did our best to make ourselves look like we had actually slept. We knew it would be fixed later. Going to the same spot where we met Liam the night before, we stood around, trying to look calm. I saw One Direction come in, but they didn;t talk to us because they were going over details. About an hour after we first saw them, however, Niall and Liam came over.

"No sleep last night?" Niall asked, and we nodded. I giggled.

"Prepare for a lot of giggling from me! I laugh when I'm overtired. Isabelle just gets quiet. Like right now." I said, nudging Isabelle. She snapped to attention.

"Sorry, sorry! I'm nervous, and tired, and I can;t think. You'd be better off leaving me out of this conversation," she said, zoning out again.

Several hours later

We stood on stage, waiting, waiting, waiting. Finally, they started to announce the winner. I stood, waiting for either disappointment or overwhelming joy.


My face lit up, and Isabelle was hugging me and we were laughing and I didn;t know what was going on. It was terrifying, but it was the best feeling in the world.

We won the X Factor.

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