Follows (Another slenderman story)

Follows (Another slenderman story)

Hey guys c: Im doing a remake of some of my stories and this is a new one so enjoy c:

Chapter 2

Feelings can do terrible things..

by: imdeadnow
Every night was a nightmare. I kept having these terrible dreams, all ending with seeing the man's blank face, staring into my soul as always. Sometimes I woke up screaming. Some nights I got really sick and started to vomit. The dreams and symptoms got worse each time. It was pure torture..
I sat in my chair, barely listening to what the teacher was saying. My thoughts were clouding up my mind too much.

"Abby. Answer my question!" I hear Ms. Jensen snap from the distance.

I blinked a few times and found that everybody was staring at me like I was a goof. Ms. Jensen glared at me angrily.

"Wha-what was the question?" I stuttered.

The bell rang and everybody started to rush out. I stood up and started to walk towards the door.

"Abby, stay. We need to talk."

As soon as the other students cleared the room, I sat back down in my desk.
"Abby, is there something you need to tell me, Why you have been 'zoning out' lately?" Ms. Jensen looked at me worriedly.

"No, not really..." I replied. Anger and sadness started to grow in me.
I shifted in my seat uncomfortably.

"I can see it in your eyes, Ms Stormwood. There is something going on and I need to know. It has happened five times already! You need to stop right now or the next time you zone out again in my class you will go to detention!" She said firmly.

All the sudden, I couldnt take it anymore. I felt all my feelings at once. I stood up from my desk.


"Just shut up! Ive been given enough crap for the last week to last me for a whole lifetime! All I need is some peace and quiet. Go on, put me in detention. Suspend me from the school. I dont give a crap. I dont care." I yelled.

I sprinted angrily out of the room, and into the bathroom and started to cry. Crying my feelings out.
At the end of the day, I didnt feel like taking the bus, facing all those people. I was just going to walk home, where I could think in peace without all the kids shouting at me all at once.

It was raining, and I didnt have an umbrella. I didnt care though. I let the drops fall on me, drowning my feelings away. For once, I actually felt happy. I smiled to myself as I strolled beside the road. I even skipped a bit like when I was a small child. I jumped In the puddles that were in my path.

It has been a while and I was humming a little tune while I was walking. I stopped for a second. That sick feeling was growing inside of me again. My ears started to ring. And finally, I couldnt move.

A tall figure started to appear in the fog advancing towards me. Oh no, no no no! The fear was growing like a virus inside of me, very quickly. My pulse quickened as I tried to move as much as I can. It wasnt working.

And there was the man again. The man in my nightmares. The man I feared sinced the first second I saw him.

My eyes were getting, kind of, drowsy..... I wobbled a bit, and fell down in the gravel, and just watched as he stood above me, staring at me. I was frozen in fear, and barely awake. This is how I die I guess.. I thought. All I saw before I passed out was his appendages growing out of his back, and lunging at me.

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