Follows (Another slenderman story)

Follows (Another slenderman story)

Hey guys c: Im doing a remake of some of my stories and this is a new one so enjoy c:

Chapter 1

The unpleasant greeting

by: imdeadnow
I strolled through the woods, taking in the beaufiful scene, and the sweet scent of the fallen leaves.
The wind blew through my hair, and making more leaves fall in the process.
All the sound there were was the soft wind, and birds chirping.
And some sprinting footsteps heading my way.

I looked around, interrupted from my deep thought. The footsteps grew closer, and closer.
My heart sped as fast as the footsteps.
"Help! Help me!" A man's voice called, the fear clear in his voice.
The man finally caught up to me, and cried,
"Run. RUN NOW."

I started to sprint and I froze. The man was taking out a silver pistol. He aimed it at a man that was
standing right in the middle of the path, but this wasn't any ordinary man. He was incredibly tall and skinny, and
he wore the blackest suit, with a blood red tie. His arms were like tree branches,
long and skinny. Tentacle-like appendages grew out of his back, flicking in every direction like angry snakes.
And his face, well, there was no face exactly. Even though he had no eyes, They seemed to stare
deep into my soul. I couldn't seem to move.

He started walking towards us, slowly. I didn't dare move a muscle. The man dropped the pistol
and started to back away. Then, as quick as lightning, he appeared right in front of us, almost like he teleported
somehow. I screamed in terror in unsion with the man. The creature snatched the man, and ignorantly
stuck the poor man onto a tree branch, leaving him to bleed to his own death. He started to walk towards me..

I got into my own mind , shook my head, and sprinted as fast as my little legs could carry me towards the
house. My blood was pumping loudly in my ears, and my heart beated over a hundred miles per hour.
I wouldn't dare look back once. I burst through the door and quickly bolted it.

I pushed around my food with my fork while we were at dinner. My parents looked at me worriedly, but they
didnt ask. My night was filled with nightmares of what happened today. I stared at my window all night, hoping
he wouldnt be standing there, waiting to collect me, to kill me like he did to the man.

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