Journal Day Two...


Chapter 1

The day

It was normal... another day in honors...but My enimie came to school...and hes in honors. It was a good start no problem, Decent convo...Until I went to the bathroom.

There when i was...finished Micheal pulled out his phone and (If you wanna know the name message me) punched me in my face 3 times...

Micheal and His friend kinda laughed.

I swore I wouldn't cry...but I did. well I didnt really cry just watered up of Anger. I prayed to stay seated cause I knew I was gonna punch that dude SOON! My arms started shaking, my thoughts wandering of this might be a chance to get out of honors or Maybe bullys will stop... Next thing I knew I was walking to his desk and I knew I had to do something...I started punching him then we he got up we had the fight I wanted...I punched him twice and he got one hit then I went after him some more until They broke it up, I was walking faster and so Angry. I knew I had a way put of this though...

When I was called in the asked what happened. I told them and I told them that my Friend Micheal video taped it

Micheal showed em the video and they knew I was telling the truth, My friend Dustin got in trouble and He gpt to sit with me in tha lobby and we had a fun time (making s2x jokes at a book called Benjys on the Boat)

I won respect and a fight... and what I got was a hug.

So thats about all that happened in school...

~Mr Insane broke ya brain by tellin you to do coikane, choked you out! Left you in the rain to Dry don't die sit there, Take this pain and cry!~

~~~Flane Waters :*~~~


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