Journal Day embarasing


Chapter 1


I was drafted to Honors and I was like wtf! My best friend Zack got dumped by My cousin so its like woah I choose..?!

Tommorow is My last Day of Lunch Detention for "Rough Housing with Dustin" all he was doing was showing a Move of how to get out of a Choke hold and When he revered the Choke hold the Teacher saw and I was like WHATT and she was like "Sit your prosteriror dawn" and I was like you can kiss my prosterior (she didnt hear) and people laughed :D

Basket Ball practice gets easier eceryday. Train Hard Play Hard Win Hard! gooooo Red Devils :D

Then ummmm Abby broke up with me for like the 10th time! I'm done with her ofcourse she always finds a way backk but no more

Readin this story a series called 8th Grade bitess

Found Out I wanna make a Parody for Eminem- Under the Influence (my fav Song...from D-12)

Now apperntly I can't hang cause i'm in honors and I was like I will always be one of you they seemed to let up... Trying to get out of Honors though

ummmm idk what esle to say but imma always end it with a Eminem Qoute

(From Under The Influence)

~Im like a Mummy at night fightin with Bright lighting frightened by 5 vicitive pills bitin em~

~~Flane Waters :*~~

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