Mindlessly Muted (Mindless Behavior Love Story)

This is about 3 sisters, Roman (Me), Mani (JetsettersUp), and Jazmond (Jazzy_B), and they are all "muted" because of the terrible death of their mother. No one seems to care or want them. And all of them has an obsessive stalker. Then 3 boys come along and fills their lives with joy again. Will they be able to make them speak again?

Chapter 1

The Lives Of The Muted

/Roman's P.O.V./
/Time: 12:34 p.m./
/Place: Home/

"Roman, Roman wake up!!!"
"WAKE UP!!!!"
I heard my sisters' voices inside my head, and 2 sets of hands vigorously shaking my shaking body. I sat up in my queen-sized bed, and saw my 2 sisters hovering over me. "Are you ok?" I heard my sister Jazmond's voice in my mind. "Yeah, I am now." I said inside her mind. I guess she got the message because she nodded her head. Why do we communicate inside each other's head, you may ask? Because of our mother's death. I remember it like it was yesterday...


/3 years ago/

I was 11 years old, Mani was 14, and Jazz was 13. It was our mother Terisha's birthday, and we wanted to make it special, so we took her to see her sister, Aunt Teetee, who she hasn't seen in more than 10 years. Unfortunately for us, we didn't know that Aunt Teetee became a drug dealer within 2 years. So when we got to her house, the police were there. One of Aunt Teetee's drug dealer allies was there and tried to shoot one of the polices and as soon as our mother walked inside, she was shot in the head and killed instantly. Me, Jazz, and Mani walked in and saw her body, and we were so shocked we couldn't do anything, including talk.

[Flashback Over]

Ever since that day, we wouldn't say a word. We're so used to it, even if we tried, we wouldn't be able to make a sound. I keep having nightmares of that day. We all wish we could have done something to save her, I feel like it's my fault... And we were left to fend for ourselves because of our mom's death, and our father left us when we were infants. "We'll sleep with you so that you don't have any more nightmares, and we all have our first day of our new school tomorrow." Mani said in my head. "Ok" I said and she got the message because her and Jazz hopped beside me in my bed and drifted off to sleep. I wonder how our first day's gonna go...

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