I Remember Nothing

I Remember Nothing

Portia Harrison has just woken up.

In a hospital.

She's alive.

But she doesn't know why she was so close to death.

Be aware that there will be some abusive language in this story. (Gee, thanks for that, Liz...)

Chapter 4


I had been so afraid of falling asleep. Every time that I had tried to think of where I had come from, there was only that- sleep. A deep, dark sleep that lasted eternity, one that had always been and always would be. I knew a lot, but when I tried to remember how, no images of schools or hallways or family lessons or anything came up. I wanted to know what my life had been like, but there was no image of a home, no older sister who was worried sick about me, no little brother who wanted to know where his sister was, no mother or father or grandparents- nothing. I couldn't imagine sitting in front of a TV, watching a movie, eating popcorn, or anything. I knew what that stuff was, but there was no image in my head. It was like watching a movie with your eyes closed- you could hear and comprehend, but there was nothing to match the thoughts up to.
I sat up in the bed and looked at the clock. 7:00 A.M.
"Your family is scheduled to come and see you at 10 o'clock today, Portia," the doctor told me, a seemingly kind and gentle lady with the ugliest glasses I had ever seen (though, not saying much given the circumstances).
"Portia?" I asked. "That's my name?"
I cringed at the memory, one of the few that I had, and I thought of the look the doctor had given me, as if thinking, "Is she for real?" But I had honestly had no clue. I knew all about names, but I didn't know which one had been mine. But Portia... It was pretty, yet... too pretty. The kind of name you'd expect a perfect girl in some story to have.
Was that what I was?
My mind drew a blank, going through the few hours of memory I had acquired. But I tried to shake that thought off and focus on something else.
Like... my family.
I once again tried to picture them. I looked through my head for images of family, any kind of family, but... nothing.
Nothing at all.
I drew my covers over me.

Was I always this alone?

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