I Remember Nothing

I Remember Nothing

Portia Harrison has just woken up.

In a hospital.

She's alive.

But she doesn't know why she was so close to death.

Be aware that there will be some abusive language in this story. (Gee, thanks for that, Liz...)

Chapter 3


I suddenly realized that Adam had hung up on me. The bastard. I looked at my mom and my dad. They weren't taking the news of their daughter's sudden loss of memory lightly. Already they were talking about what they were going to do for her, how they were going to get her memory back.

They didn't even bother saying anything to me.

Of course, I shouldn't have been surprised- their pride and joy, Portia, my older sister, had nearly died. The doctors had given her little hope after she entered the coma. I had always thought amnesia was some sort of myth, so I had never even contemplated this outcome. I had only thought of those two answers. Life or death. So it was only natural that I didn't matter.
But then came Adam. He had always been so nice to me. A lot nicer than all of the other cunts who I would hang out with. The first three boyfriends had deserved the broken noses I had given them after they had slept with another girl. My parents had never found out that I had slept with them, too, so of course they completely agreed with me that they deserved it- though they still insisted I shouldn't have done it. As for the other four... Well, maybe they hadn't deserved the hospital trip, but I gave it to them all the same. I can't have them all thinking of me as a slut.
But, anyway, back to Adam. He was always so nice to me. He didn't normally act like Portia was better than me, and, to be honest, I did kind of like him. And then he just hangs up on me after telling me to tell Portia he loves her. Even when he knows that Portia isn't going to remember him. He insists I tell her.

Everyone cares so much more about Portia than about me.

Boy, will that change.

Tomorrow, we're all going to be there, to see her awake and in full control of herself for the first time in almost two months. She's not going to know who the hell everyone is. We'll have to go through and tell her who we all are. And we have to make sure that we don't exaggerate our relationship with her, or everyone else is going to yell at us for it.

But what can I say?

"Hi, Portia. My name's Liz! I'm your favorite- and only- little sister. I hate your guts because you're so much more perfect than me and everyone loves you more."

Oh, wait, no, an even better one!

"Hey, Portia, it's me, your little sister Liz! I was actually kind of hoping you'd die so I could get your room. And your boyfriend. You know, because I waste my whole life dating and all the guys are assholes, and the first time a guy asks you out, you know that you're gonna get married one day."

I went upstairs in my shorts and tank top to go back to bed. I laid back down and closed my eyes, thinking everything over. My hands instinctively flung to my hair, and I started braiding the red strands, a habit I had picked up and tended to do while thinking.
Portia... She had deserved Adam. In fact, there was no way she could have had anyone other than him, given their long history together. I mean, they had known each other for as long as I knew. But in the face of amnesia...
Their long friendship had just been smashed.

They had to start over again, but there was no way they could ever have as strong of a relationship as before. I suddenly realized how much I wanted Adam to be my boyfriend, now that Portia was pretty much out of the picture. I closed my eyes, and focused on the logic behind my move.

Adam and Portia were best friends their entire lives.

They both care about me to some extent, Adam having always been somewhat like an older brother.

When I grew older and dated all those bastards, I suddenly looked with jealousy upon their relationship.

I wanted a guy like Adam to be my boyfriend.

I knew no guys like Adam.

I wanted Adam to be my boyfriend.

Adam and Portia got into a car accident, which sent Portia into a coma.

I spent the next month and a half trying to console Adam, secretly hoping he would turn to me and say he loved me.

Portia woke up, but she had no clue Adam existed.

I loved Adam, and I didn't want his heart to be broken.

I needed to protect his heart from rejection.

I decided that I wouldn't tell Portia that he loves her.

And we could finally be together.

And Portia- well, she honestly wouldn't know the difference.

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