I Remember Nothing

I Remember Nothing

Portia Harrison has just woken up.

In a hospital.

She's alive.

But she doesn't know why she was so close to death.

Be aware that there will be some abusive language in this story. (Gee, thanks for that, Liz...)

Chapter 1


One morning, I woke up.

But that's it.

I just woke up.

I blinked. One. Two. Three.

Three blinks.

I looked up at the white walls. I breathed in the scent of cleaner. I felt the bed-sheets covering me.


I felt a dull throbbing in my forehead. I put my hand up and touched the spot.



I pulled my hand away and examined it.


I looked out the window.


Moon, stars, sky.

Finally, my mind relaxed. I know words. I know what words mean.

That's a good sign.

Isn't it?

I was confused. How the heck did I know if it was a good sign or not that I understood words? My mind drew a blank. I couldn't remember ever learning it in school. I didn't remember my parents teaching me. Heck, I didn't even remember my parents.
I set back to trying to remember the basics. A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, and Z, I sang in my head. I started doing simple math. I even started practicing Algebra and some Geometry, and I was just working on finding the measure of the hypotenuse on a right triangle when a young woman walked in.


I stared at her, and she beamed at me. "Oh, goody! You're awake! I was beginning to think you might be in a coma forever!"
I blinked. "Excuse me?" I asked. "How long was I out?"
She frowned. "I'd say about a month. No, more like six weeks. You're very lucky, you know. I was suspecting you were going to die."
She rushed out of the room to tell someone the good news. But I was pretty sure that I would have preferred to stay in the coma.

I couldn't remember any of my life.

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