Forever Unstoppable (A Marauders Era Group Story)

Forever Unstoppable (A Marauders Era Group Story)

okay, so this is being made by me and volleyballgirl527. comment/rate if you like it!

Chapter 3

Roxanne Phillips

I was woken up one morning by an insistent tapping on my window. Of course I chose to ignore it and rolled back over to go back to sleep.

"Roxanne!" Mum yelled. "You make sure that that tapping stops right now!"

I groaned and stumbled out of my bed. "Can a girl not get her beauty sleep?"

"Oh, hush up, love! It's already 11 in the morning! Are you sure your beauty sleep is working?" Mum shouted back teasingly.

I yawned again and rubbed my eyes as I opened my window. In flew Ace's owl Adena. She was a snow white owl with bight red streaks through her feathers. Adena landed on my shoulder, nipping my ear affectionately.

"Hey, Adena. Got something for me?" I took the letter that was attached to the leg she was holding out to me. "C'mon, I'll get you something to eat from the kitchen."

Adena hooted, staying on my shoulder as I walked downstairs to the kitchen in my pajama bottoms and tank top.

"Mum, do you have anything for Adena to eat?" I asked as I broke the seal on the letter.

"Here you go." Mom held out a bit of sausage and Adena started eating it gratefully.

I opened the letter and read:

Dear Roxanne,

Hi!! I've missed you! I'm going to be in Diagon Alley today to get my supplies and I was wondering if you wanted to meet me at Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour.

Hope to see you there!

"Aw, hell!" I jumped out of my seat, making Adena sqawk and fly onto Mum's shoulder instead.

"What is it, dear?" Dad asked, looking up from his coffee.

"I need to get to Diagon Alley! And I'm not even dressed!" I grabbed a piece of sausage and started walking out of the kitchen.

"Roxanne! Wait, please!"

I stuck my head back around the corner to look at my dad.

"Don't you need to ask me something?" he said, raising his eyebrows.

"Oh, right." I cleared my throat. "Daddy, could you drive me to Diagon Alley so that I can get my school things and see Aislinn and my other friends? Please?"

Dad nodded and took a gulp of coffee. "Hurry up, love. I have to get to work soon."

"I'll be down in a jiffy!" I yelled as I skipped down the hallway and ran up the stairs to my room.

I nearly ran into Jem, who was just coming out of his room, rubbing his eyes. "Blimey, Roxy. Must you...(yawns) so bloody loud?"

I rolled my eyes. "Hush up and get ready for school, you twit." I grinned as he rolled his eyes.

Jem attends the local university, as he is 19. My other two brothers had moved away some time ago. Will is already married and Nate is attending a university in the United States. Soon Jem is leaving home too and it'll just be me, Mum, and Dad.

I gave Jem a peck on the cheek and then skipped into my room to get changed. Thank God I take showers at night instead of morning. I'm already late.

I threw on the first clothes I saw, teased my hair into a messy bun, put on some earrings, grabbed my Hogwarts list and wand, and left my room.

(here's her outfit:

"Bye, Mum! I'll be back later!" I yelled as I ran down the stairs and out the door.

"Have fun!" I heard her call after me.

I jumped in Dad's car and buckled up. Luckily, we lived pretty close to the Leaky Cauldron. We made it there in 15 minutes.

"Thanks, Dad." I said, opening the door to the car.

"Have fun, Roxy." I heard Dad say as I walked away.

"Bye!" I waved behind me, not looking back.

I raced through the Leaky Cauldron, waving to Tom on the way. When I got to Diagon Alley, I pushed my way through the crowd as quickly and nicely as I could. I reached Forescue's Parlour and saw Ace, Remus, James, and Sirius already sitting outside eating ice cream.

Grinning, I walked over and plopped down in the seat between James and Sirius.

"Oi, Phillips, who is better at Quidditch, me or Potter?" Sirius asked, motioning to Potter with his spoon.

I raised an eyebrow. "Uh...neither of you blokes are the best. I am. Duh."

James laughed as Sirius ruffled my hair.

"Hey, I just got it to look that good!" I laughed, trying to evade Sirius but failing.

"How are you, Roxy?" Ace asked from across the table.

"I'm good. So sorry I'm late, it was my own bloody fault. Er...I have no clue how long Adena was tapping on my window before I paid her any attention..." I grinned sheepishly as Aislinn, Remus, James, and Sirius laughed.

Suddenly I heard a voice behind me. "Oooh...look Cissy. It's the Mudblood!"

I closed my eyes, knowing who it was. Bellatrix Lestrange.

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