Forever Unstoppable (A Marauders Era Group Story)

Forever Unstoppable (A Marauders Era Group Story)

okay, so this is being made by me and volleyballgirl527. comment/rate if you like it!

Chapter 2

Aislinn Rose Moon

I woke up one summer day before my 6th year and yawned as I stood up. I went to the bathroom. I turned on the shower and took off my pajamas as I stepped into the shower and washed my hair and body. I closed my eyes as the warm water washed over me. I couldn't wait to go back to Hogwarts after summer was over.

It was my second home with all my friends. I finished showering and turned off the faucet as I wrapped a towel around me.

I stepped out and brushed my blonde hair and looked at my blue eyes in the mirror. I took a breath as i pulled on a pair of shorts and a light red tank top. I left my hair as it was and put on no make up.

I went downstairs after putting my laundry in the shoot and saw my mom and dad already up

"Morning Aislinn"

I sat down and nodded, "Morning mom and dad"

They smiled and gave me food as I ate

My dad smiled, "So today would be the day to go to Diagon Alley Ace"

I nodded, "Will you take me and pick me up"

he chuckled, "yes. after work I'll pick you up"

I nodded and ran upstairs to write Roxanne, Remus, Lily, Sirius, and James. about meeting me Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour if they wanted to go to Diagon Alley today.

I sent the letters and ran back downstairs and my dad chuckled as we got on our shoes, mine was a pair of sandals that matched my shirt. We walked outside and I got into my dad's flying car

We drove off and soon we arrived at Diagon Alley. I kissed my dad's cheek good bye before getting out

"thanks dad"

He nodded and I smiled and ran to the ice cream shop. I got vanilla ice cream before sitting down outside and waited to see if my friends would join us

after about 10 minutes, Remus came over to me with ice cream. He sat next to me and shared a smile

"Hey Rosie"

I grinned, "Moony"

I noticed his scars have gotten worst and i gently stroked them

I whispered, "Moony..they're worst"


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