Forever Unstoppable (A Marauders Era Group Story)

Forever Unstoppable (A Marauders Era Group Story)

okay, so this is being made by me and volleyballgirl527. comment/rate if you like it!

Chapter 136

Pillow Fight and Dresses~Aislinn's Pov

I took a breath and changed into the pink dress. I glanced at myself in the mirror thinking of Remus before walking out. I noticed Roxy wince at the sight

"'s a little to pink love."

I chuckled nodding before going back and now changng into a green dress that had a leg slit up the side before walking out receiving criticism again as Roxy blinked

"Is the dress upposed to show that much skin?"

I gave a light laugh efore going back in and chaged into a floor-length, deep gorgeous blue gown that had black flowers and details swirling up the sides in he right places efore walkng out.

I twirled thinking please be the right one, please be the right one or I'll be going nude or in no dress.

I heard oohs and awws before Roxy squealed, "It's perfect, Ace!"

I laughed as I watched Roxy shoved a pillow in her face groaning, "Merlin help me."

The others laugh as Molly and Lily threw pillowsanda pillow fight.. well war broke out and I quickly manuevered my way into the bathroom, changing back into my old jeans and quidditch shirt as I came back out, I noticed the pillow war or fight still happening.

Laughing to myself, I grabbed a pillow silently and slowly crept behind Roxy before hitting her in the back, hard enouh to catch her by suprise, but not enough to hurt.

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