Maybe It's Nothing, But Maybe It's Love (One Direction Group Love Story)

Maybe It's Nothing, But Maybe It's Love (One Direction Group Love Story)

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Chapter 56

They're gone

In the last few weeks, Mia and Charlotte have been very distant.
We haven't had phone calls, texts, nothing

Was it because of the fight me and Charlotte had while leaving the restaurant?


after I ate, my stomach started acting up, I was going to puke. I got up and ran to the bathroom, and locked myself in a stall. I heard someone come in after me, followed by a low whisper of my name.

Charlotte?" I ask, flushing the toilet, and walking out to see Charlotte, looking as if she didn't wanna be near me.

she grunted and I looked at her. "Charlotte, what's wrong? What have I done?

all of the attention has been on YOU." She replied coldly. I'm so tired of it. Who cares if you're pregnant or not? Who cares about you?

/ well, apparently you." I responded quickly, feeling anger grow inside of me.

Charlotte, walk away from me. I don't want to deal with you right now

and with that, she walked out and slammed the door.

end of flashback

Was that the reason she was so distant?

She told me that she doesn't care, so why should I?

What if she's.. Missing...

What if...she's dead?

"Harry!" I squealed as I ran to the tour bus, but instead crashed into Alex.

"What is it Evalee?" Alex asked, holding me close.

My eyes stared to tear up, as I hold him close.

"We must find Charlotte and Mia. have a feeling something terrible has happened to them, I love them both and I will not forgive myself if I let them die."

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