Maybe It's Nothing, But Maybe It's Love (One Direction Group Love Story)

Maybe It's Nothing, But Maybe It's Love (One Direction Group Love Story)

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Chapter 3

Meet Evalee.

"Eva, wake up! You'll be late to the airport!" My brother yells, hitting me with a pillow.
I groan and sit up, not wanting to leave.
I mean come on.. It's just a singing course.
And I already sing here so why is my dad sending me off to London?
"But Alex!" I pull the blanket over my head. "I don't want to go to London all alone!"
He smiles and holds up two airplane tickets.
"Who said you were going alone?"
"You're coming with me!?" I squeal and jump off my bed.
This made the trip so much better! I've never been anywhere without him.
He is my twin after all. We were in the womb together.
Even though we don't really look alike all that much.
He pulls me off of my bed, and walks out of my room, and I change into a pink shirt; that only has one sleeve, and I put on jean shorts.
I was really excited; even though it was kinda hard to accept leaving my home..
For a whole year.
This program is just supposed to allow me to sing infront of groups more often.
And me and Alex sing as a group most of the time. Like a package deal.
I pack all of my clothes and I walk out of my house and put my bags in the trunk of My older brother, Chrstopher's, car.
He was probably the most busy person I know.
With his girlfriend and son and all.
And he was planning his 18th birthday party while me and Alex will be gone.
I do feel bad about leaving him, but Its my dads fault.
"Lee, Will you be back for Kaiden's 2nd birthday at least?"
"Im not sure, Probaly." I say, with a slight smile.
He nods and drives down to the airport.
Once we get to the airport we all get out and Chris helps me grab my bags, and carry them to the entrance.
"Dude, how much stuff do you need!?" He asks, panting.
"I need my microphone and stuff!" I exclaim.
He rolls his eyes,l and Alex walks up behind me, scaring the crap out of me.
But luckily I didn't scream. Just jumped, pretty high.
He laughs and the intercom comes on.
"Flight 176 will be taking off in 5 minutes! I repeat flight 176 will be taking off in 5 minutes"
That was our flight!
I grab my luggage from Chris and me and Alex run over too the plane, and we give the lady our tickets.
She points us to our seats, and I sit next to the window.
"Aw man!" Alex complains. "I wanted the window spot"
I stick my tongue out at him, and giggle.
I settle back in my chair and I think about how crazy this trip will be.
Going from Louisiana, to London.

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