Maybe It's Nothing, But Maybe It's Love (One Direction Group Love Story)

Maybe It's Nothing, But Maybe It's Love (One Direction Group Love Story)

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Chapter 2

Meet Charlotte

by: Rachiumz
---1 week earlier---

"..Yeah, Thomas....I know!" I say into my cell phone, talking to my little brother.
why are you going to London anyway? Your probably just going for the guys in accents! he says
"Hey!! That's not true! Okay..Well maybe a little...I don't know.. I just want to go study abroad and see the world rather than being cooped up in Louisiana." I say
yeah, guys, accents...whatever. Your only 17.
OH!!! and remember to get me a gift when your over there! he yells through the phone.
"Ow!! Ok fine. Sheesh! I'll call you back when we land" I say
fine. Oh yeah, don't get in any trouble! he says
"What...? Me? Trouble?" I say mockingly
just don't do anything stupid, Charlotte! he replies
"I know. I got to go. Their starting to board the plane!" I say
haha ok bye he says

I close the phone and put it back in my pocket and grab my luggage.
I'm guided to my seat, which is thankfully next to a window. I love looking at the view from planes.
But I hate when we have to take off.
And land.
I'm not really going to tell you what happened on the plane
because I don't really remember not much actually...
So I'll pick up when I landed and got off the plane.

As I step off the plane, I welcomed by my grandmother.
My dad's mom, she was all dressed up and her hair was white, short curly hair (she reminded me of Effie from the hunger games-minus the bright colours)
But the oddest thing did she now I was coming?
"Granny? Oh my goodness I haven't seen you in such a long time!!" I say, hugging her.
"My, Charlotte you've gotten so tall! Aren't you surprised I knew you were coming?" She asks.
"Well, yeah." I say bluntly.
"I'll explain it to you when we get into the cabbie, dear." She says
" that some sort of cab?" I ask, slightly confused
"It IS a small car, but if I recall, it's a bit different"
"Ooh." I say

When we finally get to the cabbie-thing, she starts explains that my father called her and asked her to let me stay at her house.
"I don't want to be a bother. I'll just stay until I can get an apartment or something" I say
"An apartment? Do you mean a loft, dear, right?"
"Um I guess. I'm not good with some of the British words that we don't use in America." I say.
"I somehow figured that, Charlotte." She says, smiling.
"Oh. Well thanks granny." I say sarcastically
We both laugh.
She tells me that many people here usually share lofts with friends or roommates its easier to pay.
"Well, maybe I can put something on the Internet or-." I try to say but Im cut off
"Oh we're here!" She proclaims
I look out the window and see a huge, mansion-like house with a big oak tree in the front.
"WOAH. You live here?!" I yell as I get my things from the trunk.
"It's not much, but it's home." She sighs
"It's like..five times bigger than my house back home!!!" I say.
"I suppose so." She says

We walk towards the door and she opens the doors, revealing a huge front room with two sets of stairs.
"Let me show you your room, dear." She says
"Aaron?" She yells
"Yes?" Answered a red-headed boy, looking about 19, poked his head from the next room over.
"Show Charlotte to the guess room, please." She states
"Yes ma'am." He says, helping me with my suitcase.
He guides me up the stairs all the way down the hall, he opens the door
I gasp.
In the room there's a queen sized bed with a canopy, windows on every side of the room- the walls painted a sea foam green, and trimmed with white-there is a table with a laptop, and a wardrobe.
"This is amazing!!" I say as I jump onto the bed.
"Is there anything else I could do for you, Miss Charlotte?" Aaron asks.
"Um...oh you could help me with something! Are you tech savvy?" I ask
"Yes ma'am." He replies
"Ok, so I don't really want to be a bother with my grandmother. So I would like to find an apartm..I mean a loft that I could share with someone. Could you help me?"
"I think I know how I could help you." He says.
He walks over to the laptop and types something in.
"Here, you can type in your information and see if there are any lofts are available. Don't worry, it's safe."
"That works, thank you" I say as I sit down at the table.
"Your welcome, Miss Charlotte." He smiles and leave the room.
After about 10 minutes I finish filling out the information and I press enter.
I yawn and close the laptop.
"What time is it?" I glance at my phone and it says 6:03pm
My eyes are getting heavy, so I decide to take a nap.
The bed is so soft and comfy.
Nothing really happens for the next 3 days.
I forget to check my advert on the website to see if anyone responded.
To my surprise, I actually had one.
It said her name was Mia, and she was my age. AND she goes to the same university that I'm going to next month!
"She seems nice!" I mumble to myself.
I email her that I'd love to move in and ask when the earliest time I could come.
I re-pack my things incase she responds soon.

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