Princeton Imagine

Prince : Grabbing your waist
You : Prince, stop. giggling
Princeton : Why?
You : Becauseee.
Princeton : Because?
You : Just stop you're making me blush. ^_^
Princeton : Fine fine. stops
You : ......Why'd you stop? :(
Princeton : Laughs I love you.
You : I love you too.
Princeton : Kisses your nose
You : Kisses his forehead
Princeton : Kisses your ear
You : xD
Princeton : You want me to keep going?
You : Go where?
Princeton : Nibbles on your neck

Chapter 1


by: tifftff5
Princeton : That's where I was going.
You : Oh.
Princeton : What's wrong?
You : Nothing, :)
Princeton : Well alright...puts his hand under you shirt and traces your spine
You : shivers
Princeton : Mmmmm.
You : :O You look up at him and see nothing but lust in his eyes
Princeton : Unhooks your bra while kissing on your neck
You : Wait, stop.
Princeton : What now babe?
You : Uhh.. I uhh.....Ummm.... Well, you seeee? runs away
Princeton : Chases after you Come here!!
You : Talking to yourself I need somewhere to hide! Damn!
Princeton : Hey! (YN) Come Here!
You : Runs in the bathroom and locks the door
Princeton : Pounding on the door You okay?
You : Not answering
Princeton : Breathing heavy I just...wanted to know if I did something wrong...
You : Still not answering
Princeton : Did I? If I did, I'm sorry.
You : Not answering at all
Princeton : I know you hear me miss.
You : Prince, just go home I'll talk to you later.
Princeton : But I- Gets cut off
You : Just. Go. Home.
Princeton : Fine. Bye, I love you.
You : I love you too.
-- Later that night --
Princeton : Goes back to your house
You : Answers the door
Princeton : Hey you. You and I have to talk.
You : ...Uhh..hi.
Princeton : You ready to talk to me?
You : Yeah, um.
Princeton : Let me start off by saying I'm sorry. I shouldn't have made you uncomfortable like that earlier. I know you were too scared to tell me you weren't ready, but you should've just told me baby. I would never try to hurt you....and I know you have morals so I guess I'll wait for you :') you'll come around when we're married.
You : :') Aww, how did you know that's how I felt?
Princeton : Cause I know my baby girl. Hugs you
Thee Enddd. At me on twitter yo. @tiffanymulan :D

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