First challenge! [Re-Updated]

This is your first challenge so take it seriously and be yourself . Most people were asking what we do in this club and this is one of the things we are going to do in Rachel's club, check daily for updates . Pleaase try to have your stories in by Monday, if you need more time message us !

- soccerbabe14 :)

Chapter 1

Your choice

Heeeey :) , its finally that time you've all been waiting for.... The FIRST challenge!

For this challenge we decided that it's your choice to about something that has to deal with Rachel, bullying, making a difference etc. we will choose a winner for this challenge that will be in our top friends for the week
And you get to pick another reward for yourself such as: we have to write a story about you or share you etc. ,but you MUST put at the end of your story you send to us RJS if you do not put that we won't read it as a your challenge .

That is all if you have any questions message us !

- soccerbabe14

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