The Unexpected Beginning

The Unexpected Beginning

So, I've been working on this for a while...hopefully you all enjoy it and keep coming back for more! I love to get comments and feedback, it makes me feel like people enjoy my story.

Chapter 1


Cass opened her eyes; sunlight just starting to stream across her face. Really she thought just when I was actually having a good dream and not a nightmare. She sat up, the old bed creaking under her weight. Looking at her clock on the dresser she cursed, “MOM!!! Why didn’t you wake me up! It’s almost 6:30!” After receiving no answer she remembered. Right mom works now. Ripping off the blankets she sprang out of bed.

Pulling on a black long sleeved shirt and a pair of ripped jeans, she yanked on a pair of socks. “Gods I wished that stupid alarm clock would actually work,” she grumbled. As she tried to yank a brush through her long, curly, extremely unruly, brown hair.

“Ouch!” She cried, as the brush snagged on a tangle. “Ugh! This day can’t get any worse, can it?” Finally succeeding in a sloppy ponytail she grabbed her make-up bag. She pulled out her four articles of make-up…"not that it helps much" she mused. Quickly and expertly she applied her mascara, eyeliner, grey eye shadow, and the sparkly clear lip stuff she had bought a few days ago. Grabbing her oversized black sweater she snatched her beat up school bag from the back of her desk chair.

Stumbling down the stairs, she stopped in her mad rush for the door. “Cassie, working late money for dinner in the coffee cup…you know where to look; Love Mom” she read. It wasn’t that big of a deal, ever since her mom had started working again they had rarely seen each other. Not that it mattered; she and her mom had never been close; especially after her dad and sister died. Glancing at her watch she muttered “Well all that took only five minutes, I think I broke my record.”

“Isn’t that right Eb?” She crooned affectionately to her cat; scooping him up in her arms as she scratched him under the chin.

“I think I can get to the school in about 20 minutes.” Carefully setting Ebony down, she slipped on her black tennis shoes and headed out the door.

Hopping on her bike she kicked up the kick stand, and peddled out of the drive way. “Crap!” She yelled as she was more than half-way to the school. “I forgot my glasses!” Oh well she thought. Guess I’ll just be blind today.

Turning into the school drive way two of the popular kids driving in a convertible crashed into her and knocked her to the ground “Hey! Watch where you’re going, freak!” An extremely annoying senior football player yelled.

“Leave her alone, Josh! Sorry about that,” an extremely cute guy Cass knew to be Sean shouted as he jumped out of the car and held out his hand to help her to her feet.

“Sure, whatever” she mumbled as she ignored his hand and brushed her self off. “I’m used to it. It’s my life.”

He looked at her at her with his deep blue eyes, “Umm, you’re bleeding,” he pointed at her ripped jeans were blood from a large scrape seeped through the ripped denim.

“Just my luck,” she would worry about that later, what was important was her only mode of transportation. Turning around she surveyed her bike. “Damn!” the front wheel was bent all out of shape, the chain had snapped, the handle bars were twisted, and the seat had fallen off. “Do you know how much that bike cost me?” She cried at Sean.

“Not much obviously!” Josh laughed. Cass wanted to deck him so bad! Turning her attention back to Sean she found that he had moved and was now examining the remains of what had been a $100 dollar bike.

“Man, I’m sorry. But it’d cost more to fix it than to replace it.” He looked up at her with an apologetic look in his eyes.

“Well, let me tell you something buckshot,” Cass practically spat. “I am not the one who crashed my $100 bike your “friend” did all of that. So I think that he should replace it!”

“Me?!?” Josh yelled “I think not. Sweetheart. You got in my way!” he had now crawled from the car and stood nose to nose with Cass. “If you would just take the bus, or have your own car like a normal person! Instead of biking to school almost an hour early! I never would have hit you with Sean’s car in the first place!!!” He gave her a shove to emphasize his point.

Cassie had had enough; she just couldn’t take it any more. Her dad had taught her how to fight for self defense a couple of months before he died. Using every thing that she remembered she took one well aimed swing. Smack, her blow caught him right in the jaw. “You don’t know a damn thing about my life, believe me! I would give everything to live a normal life! To have my dad back! To have my sister back! So you just LEAVE ME ALONE!” she shouted as Josh reeled backward. Cassie sank to her knees sobbing, her hand and cut knee throbbing.

Josh recovered his lip cracked and bleeding, he was livid. “Y-you little wench! I’ll teach you to hit me!” He towered over her. And she braced herself for a beating.

“Josh!” a strong voice called, “Go, and park the car!” Sean made his way over to where his friend stood. “You’ve caused more than enough damage.”

“But-but, she hit me!” he started in surprise. “GO!!!” Sean yelled. “Going!” Josh yelped as he scrambled away.

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