S.O.S (A group story - please read!)

We thought it would be perfect for once.

But we thought wrong. Our airplane crashed. Our crew died. And we are alone.


Well, no.


Save us.

Chapter 1

I can't believe it!

by: Jaediie
"OMG! I am SO totally like hyperventilating...I JUST CAN'T BELIEVE IT!"
"Allie, SHUSH IT!" I complained. As excited as I was to be going on my dream vacation, without my family, just with my best friend, just US...I HATED planes.
And here we were, sitting in an airport. I tried to look happy. I really did. Only I REALLY did hate planes. Ever since I was 7, when my family and I were taking a trip to Peru, the oxygen masks dropped and the plane lights shut off, then all you could hear was screaming and crying and thunder. The plane had been struck by lightning. It was the kind of experience that leaves you paralyzed. Traumatized. Horrified...
I was surprised. At myself. In 9th grade, me and my friend promised each other that when we finished college we would go on a trip to Hawaii together. So we saved up our money and stuff. Prepared. And I completely forgot we had to fly there.

So now I am sitting here in the airport terminal, with my friend who will NOT shut up, my fears taking over me, half of me trying to calm me down and stay here, the other half trying to get me to run away and stay on safe ground. I wanted so very badly to say "You know what, how about we just go to California by bus or something?" But I didn't because I knew it would let Allie down. We have been planning this trip for what...7, 8 years now? Saving up hundreds of dollars just to turn around at the last second?

...No. I was going to do what I promised I would, scared sick or not. I was going to go on this trip even if I die doing it!

And I guess I kinda half fainted when I said that to myself. That is another thing I am scared of. Death. Injury. Health problems.
Incidents run in the family.
I was very wimpy.

And I guess I was scared so badly I looked pale or sick.

And I guess Allie had to wake me up because I was sleeping when they called our flight.

...And I guess I could be headed for the worse as I settled into me purple starry seat with flipping armrests, leather cup holders, and I flat screen TV on the back of the seat in front of me.

I can't believe it! I just got on an airplane!

So guys, that is the first chapter, but it is not a group story yet...

Because no one is doing it with me! You can apply in the comments below by writing the next chapter then sending it to me via message! I will pick who has the best story!


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