What if you had no privacy, your thoughts could be invaded by anyone and everyone seems to know about your past? Everyone but you. What if you don't even know who you are?

Chapter 1

From talking to telepathy.

by: FerSure

I scream as I run toward the ashes. I start choking on smoke, but I keep going on. Then  I hear Leandro's  voice in my head. I stop running, but I don’t turn around. My head refuses to turn, maybe survival instinct, while I hear him shout. I can tell he's getting furious, just like a fire.  

"Ry,  I know you can hear me and I know what you can do now just talk to me." 

“Fine, " I tell him in a sarcastic tone. "How's it going, Leandro?" 

 I dart away again, toward the ashes. I'm getting closer, I have faith. Then Master genius decided to grab me by the arm to stop me. I try to fight off the large hand holding me, but he's much older and much stronger than myself so I quickly give up.

"Leave me! Please, please. I have to find Erin... or what’s left of her" I implore. 

"You can’t. Don’t you understand, home is gone. It's all gone." He says,"  We have to go, that is, unless you want to die.  I personally don’t want to now, come on before they catch up. Erin is waiting." I somehow loosened his grip and ran again. 

But Erin... she’s still back there. She can't be waiting. She died. 

Before the explosions, she got out. But she couldn't make it, and no one wanted to tell her big-sissy brother his little sister had died. 

The smoke makes it impossible for me to breathe, now my head is pounding like a hammer is hitting it over and over.  There's a few seconds before I realize I'm down on the ground. I try to stand but I fall. I feel Leandro's arm around my shoulder.He looks at me in the eyes and says, “ You only have a little concussion, no big deal." 

 He starts coughing, too and tries to get me to stand. When he sees that’s not happening he picks me up and runs away. No, you're going the wrong way.

Seems like passed out. Next thing I knew, I wake up in a bed. Next  to me is Erin, curled up in a ball. Her orange hair is extremely messy now. When she looks up at me, I saw a big, red slash across her face.  I try to move my hand to touch it, but my arm screams at my brain  in pain,  at every movement. She gets on her knees and says, “Big wall fell in front of me. Sissy, can I brush your hair?” 

I nod. For some reason, she's always liked to brush my hair and play with it. She runs out of the room for a minute, then comes back with a black brush with purple stripe. She gets to work. Had the death thing been a dream? Erin was still safe and alive next to me. 

But I knew it before-hand. Our telepathy never failed... 

"How is Leandro, anyways?" I asked Erin. She'd know, by the looks of it, she was the best outcome of this incident. 
“He's on crunches, but he said that you almost died” 
“I did not." I tell her." How's my face?” 
“Not that bad, but..."
"But what?"
She handed me a mirror. I stared at my reflection, in horror.  "I'm..."

Her voice in my head tells me, It's not that bad. 

"I'm bored, let's play dolls!" 

Before I can protest, she runs into our room and comes back with a box of dolls. Some are soft and some are this old type of dolls called "Barbie’s". She got them from me, and I got them from grandma. Somehow,  she manages to keep them with her during all the bombings and movements. She gets out her favorite one, which she named Rydell, and another one she named Jan. Then, she calls to another girl in the hospital to come over. I have never seen her before. She has jet black hair and big green eyes. 

Erin says, “Sissy, this is Claudia, and Claudia, this is my friend Rydell, but everyone has always called her Lacrymosa." 

In my head, I hear a voice I've never heard telling me Lacrymosa as in weeping...
I respond with a You can talk in heads too?

Why do people call you Lacrymosa? Claudia asks. 

Because my real name never really suited me.

You seem like my type of person. Please take care of me.

Sure, then.

Why did you not tell me she can talk through telepathy? I ask Erin. 

I forgot. She tells me.  

That’s not the kind of thing you forget.

Pardon me, then.

We play dolls for about a hour and a half, then a nurse comes and tells Claudia she needs to go have a check up on her leg. I ask her when’s dinner, but she just shrugs and walks away. Erin asks if she can come,the nurse nods and she runs away. I look at the clock: it's seven thirty, my stomach growls thirty more minutes than the usual. I'm just about to go to the restroom when I meet Leandro, on his crutches. 

Hey. I tell him.


Nice hospital gown. 

Thanks, I'm  thinking of wearing it more often.

Ha. You kill me. I say in the most sarcastic tone of voice that is humanly possible.

Help me up.


I have to use the bathroom.

He hops over to were I am and he tells me, "Hey, you should hold the back of your gown, princess.” 
“Thanks for the tip” I answer him. 

When we get back, my food is waiting on a tray by my bed. I sit on the bed and start to eat the tasteless meal. Then Leandro goes behind the curtain to my left, separating me from the other patient. He comes back with his food and begins to eat it there. 
How’s Erin? He asks me. 

Fine, she made a new friend. She can use telepathy too. 

How old?

 /She's only  two years older than her. Poor Erin, she doesn’t  have many friends./

What’s her name? He ignored my last comment. 

Claudia Mommsen.

He took a whole five minutes to find Claudia's voice in the hospital and to analyze her soul. She seems nice.  

She was. She asked me why I was called Lacrymosa.

Because you're a big-cry baby.

You're not one to talk.

After dinner, he goes to his room. I start to dose off, when Erin comes bouncing. In her hand there's a bunch of colorful strings woven together. 

"Whats that?" I ask her. Erin and I don't talk telepathically as much as Leandro and I do. 

"It is called a friendship bracelet! Best friends have them. I got the one with purple, green and blue. Claudia has the one with pink, red and orange." 

"Need help putting it on?"

"Yes, please." She hands me the bracelet and extends her tiny wrist to me. 

After I'm done putting it on her, I tell her: "You and Claudia seem to get along well." 

She looks like she is about to say something, but she stops and just sits there. Her face looks like someone just said something funny to her, and then she bursts out in laughter. After a few minutes she looks at me like the confrontation is over. 

"What did Claudia say?" 

"Oh, nothing. Just something funny a nurse said. When I was with her during her check up, she said 'Does your sister want to take a seat?'. Plus, Claudia's leg looked hilarious." 

"Erin, have you been practicing like I told you?" 

"Yes, I have. With Claudia. Ever since we met, which was a few days ago."

"I guess you dont have much time to practice."

"I'm sleepy. 'Night, Ry." 

"Good night." 

 She walks towards the hall that leads to her room, but I know she will be in my bed by the morning. I push my self into the bed and pull the covers over my head, as if to keep all the bad out and all things good in. I think tomorrow I'll ask the hospital to be released and go visit the remains of my home. 

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