I will love you forever (an original story)

This is the story of a broken man named Nicolas Mann. Ten years ago, he lost his girlfriend, Shelby, in a robbery that he was injured during. He had never truly forgiven himself for her death and this is the story of how love CAN survive through death.

Chapter 3

Am I delusional?

I rubbed my head, deeply breathing. That's not possible that I just saw Shelby sitting here.
"Sir! You know that you have your therapy session today, right?" Deb called from the other room.
"I do?" Swell! I needed to tell someone about what happened earlier. I called for Deb to get the old Lexus started up.
30 minutes later...

I arrived at Dr. Penelope Jertez, my psychologist for five years. She was a forty year old, Hispanic mother of two who had to deal with my case once a week. As I wheeled in, she smiled, clipboard in hand.
"Nicholas, how has your day been so far?" she asked, getting her pen ready. I told her about my nightmares that've been happening and my other weekly things, such as diet and sleeping habits.
"Dr. Jertez, today, something that I didn't think would ever happen in a million years happened. I saw Shelby."
"In your dream or do you really think that?" she asked, looking at me.
"Like, in reality. She was silver, though and she disappeared after she smiled," I said. Dr. Jertez took off her black rimmed eyeglasses and looked at me, folding her hands.
"Nick, you may have been seeing a delusion. Stress can cause delusions," she said, handing me a prescription. "I'll see you next week, Nick!" she said as I wheeled out. Was I really that delusional?

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