I will love you forever (an original story)

This is the story of a broken man named Nicolas Mann. Ten years ago, he lost his girlfriend, Shelby, in a robbery that he was injured during. He had never truly forgiven himself for her death and this is the story of how love CAN survive through death.

Chapter 2


I woke up from the same dream that I had been having every single day in the ten years that she had been gone. I used my upper body to swing my legs to get into my wheelchair. I see Deb, my housekeeper, look at me. "Do you need help, sir?"
"Deb, you've asked me that everyday this week. No, I do not," I replied. Deb has been my house keeper ever since the incident took my legs and my girlfriend away from me. She was a plump, kindhearted and gray haired woman, who had been my guardian when I was younger.
"As you say, sir," she replied, handing me a tray full of food. I took it gratefully, smiling to show my thanks, and started to drink my coffee, black as normal. I wheeled over to my window, looking at the deep gray clouds.
"Deb, it's going to rain," I monotonously said, not looking from the window.
"Sweetie, you need to go outside. And add some life in those lifeless blue eyes," she replied calmly.
"Thanks, Deb," I spat out, wheeling down my ramp to the ground floor. I went into my stone gray painted living room, settling next to the tv. As soon as I sat down, it flickered on. "Deb?" I asked as the television flipped on to a dvd.
"Welcome to the Lenoix family Christmas," Shelby's father's voice boomed on the television. My eyes started to water as the movie showed the collage of Shelby and my pictures that were specifically put on by Mr. Lenoix. As soon as I saw the picture with me and Shelby out in the snow, I lost myself in my tears. I put my hands over my eyes and started hysterically sobbing as I felt a cold hand on my shoulder. I turned and swore that for a split second that Shelby was there, silver, but there. I rubbed my eyes and the silver Shelby disappeared. She was there! She was there! I thought wildly. All of the therapy that I had gone through paid off as I wheeled over and turned the television off, hiccuping and thinking over what just happened.

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