Twisted Notes~ the way i feel music

This entire thing just popped into my head and i had to write it down or it would bug me all day, well i hope you enjoy and please comment so that my writting can get better:D

Chapter 1

Music gives me shivers<3

The music notes tangle and twist like dancers on the floor, they syncronize and jumble, they create peace... a place without any judgement to be passed, they create a safety net beneath me as i soar into the bliss that follows.

For as long as i can remember music has been the obvious escape when there is no other, the music became the teddy bear or safety blanket i never had, every note and pitch of every song has been etched into a part of my soul.not every song i have heard i have liked but i can relate to the heart break and the hurt, music is the band-aid over my broken heart. music is my bread and water, it is my soul, my heart and me.


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