Roc Royal Imagines

Roc Royal Imagines

I did this just for fun. No hate!! Tell me if you like them or whatever in a comment below please :) #TeamMindless

Chapter 1

Imagine #1

Roc Royal was the most popular guy in your school. He was one of the Jocks. He was a football player and a cute one too, but you didn't think so. You thought he was just a jerk. But your best friend was completely In love with him. Every where we went girls where going crazy for him and you hated it!

One day your best friend, Aria, wanted to go to a football game.
Aria: let's go to a football game!
You: why?
Aria: cuz roc is on the team and he is so cute in his uniform :)
You: Ew you know I don't like him
Aria: so will you just go for me cuz I'm ur best friend and you love me....
You: fine.....

At the football game
Aria: thanks for coming! :)
You: yea you owe me BIG time!!!
Aria: whatever!
At half time
You: I'm going to go get some food I'm really hungry...
Aria: ok bring me back a hot dog please!!!!
You: ok!
You get to the concession stand and get 2 hot dogs with ketchup and mustard on them.
Concession stand guy: here you go :)
You: thanks :)
You are walking back and you get a text. You pull out your phone and it's from Aria.
Aria: hurry up with my hot dog!
you still walking
You: you need to-
You bumped into someone and the hot dogs fell on your shirt and got ketchup an mustard all over it.
You: omg!! :O you look up and you see roc royal.
Roc: Omg! I am so sorry!!
You: whatever......
Roc: here let me help you-
You interrupted him....
You: no I got it I don't need your help.
Roc: wait...aren't you (YN)?
You: um.... Yea how do you know me?
Roc: your the only girl in the whole school who doesn't like me.....
You: yup! That's me :P
Roc: why don't you like me tho?
You: 1. Cuz everyone likes u and 2. U r another one of those annoying, mean kind of jocks.
Roc: so you think I'm a jerk? But you don't know me.
You: .......
Roc: how about you give me one chance to make you think differently.
You: and how u gonna do that?
Roc: let's hang out this Saturday at the Philadelphia Eagles game.
You: football really is that all you think about?
Roc: please just one chance?
You: fine one chance....
Roc: cool :) so it's a date.
You: wait wh-
half time alarm went off
Roc: oops gotta go! See you Saturday! Oh by the way you might want a new shirt ;)
Roc runs back to the football field.
You texted your Aria that you were gonna go home and get changed and will explain everything later.
Aria: yes it is he even said so himself!
You: I think of it more like a test......
Aria: a test on what?
You: to see if he is an jerk or if he is who he says he is.
Aria: .......its a date.....
You: watever
Aria: y don't you like him he is perfect!!
You: ......
Aria: omg!!! You do like him!!!!
You: so....
Aria: aw I am so proud!!!
You: haha!!! Ur so weird
Aria: I know. But we have to find a cute outfit for you to wear!!!
You and your best friend go shopping and find a cute outfit for you to wear.
saturday at the football game
You are looking for roc in the bleachers and you found him in the 2nd row. You sit next to him and start talking.
You: how did you get this good of seats?
Roc: I know people....
You playfully slap him on the arm.
You: seriously how?
Roc: I have season passes :)
You: of course you do.....
Roc: by the way you look beautiful
You started blushing like crazy!!
You: thanks you too.
the game starts
You are both loving the game. Then half time came.
Roc: hey I'm gonna go get some food. Want anything?
You: yea can I have a pretzel?
Roc: sure be right back....
Roc comes back with the food. thought to yourself and the food looks good too! Roc hands you your pretzel and he sits down. You were leaning over to Roc to say thanks for the pretzel but then you hear.....Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Then you look up and you and Roc are on the big screen. You look at Roc and he looks at you and smiles.
Roc: do you want to?
You: sure :P
You two kiss :* and it was amazing!
You: omg....
Roc: what?
You: oh nothing it's just-
Roc interrupts you with another kiss :*
Roc: will you go out with me (YN)?
You: of course! And you two kissed again:* and neither of you know who won the football game. ;)

The End. :)


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