Plan B (Original Story)

Plan B (Original Story)

Plan B for Backup Bride.
At sixteen years old, Reese promises her best friend Chris to marry him at the age 30 if they weren't married to any one by then.
She promises herself it wouldn't get awkward between them, but will it?

Chapter 1

The Agreement

Laying in bed, Reese stared at the ceiling, it had been an exciting and exhausting day babysitting her younger cousins and going to the doctor's with her stepmom, it had been her first time hearing her yet to be born baby brother's heartbeat and it had been exciting. But now was the time to relax. Her eyes drooped and fought to stay open.

Bzzz! Bzzz! her phone vibrated. She groaned and picked it up, it was a text message from Christopher, her one of her best friends since junior high.

Chris: hey whats up?

Reese: nothing, just got done babysitting and going to the dr's. My baby bro is going to be born any day now!

Chris: cool! I'm goin' to have a baby soon too!

Reese: what?! O:

Chris: jk, Im not havin' a baby

Reese: good! I was going to say it was not humanly possible for a boy to be pregnant! Lol!

Chris: Unless I'm a seahorse! Or Penny has an egg and gives it to me to carry like penguins.

Reese: OMG! Chrissie! You guys would be an adorable penguin couple!

Chris: lol! I know right?!

Chris: hey, Reese... Can I ask you something serious and not make it awkward between us?

Reese's heart skipped. What could he possibly ask that would possibly make their relationship awkward? They knew everything about one another.

Reese: sure. Ask away and we shall avoid awkwardness!

Chris: I've been thinking... You know how in some movies, a man and a woman make a promise to one another that they will marry each other by a certain age if they hadn't married another by then... Would you make a promise like that to me?

Reese's heart dropped harder than it had when she had rode the Rockin' Rollercoaster at Disneyworld. Was Chris serious? Then again he wasn't one to joke around about something so... crazy. But she was also tired and it was Chris, her best friend. She couldn't tell him no to anything.

Reese: Sure. But what age will we be when we marry if we hadn't married by then though?

Chris: 50? Jk, um... 30?

Reese: Lol! Dork (: but yeah, that seems fair.

Chris: aha, yeah. virtual hand shake

Reese: Virtually shakes your hand

Chris: where should we draw the line on this though? Like what are the conditions?

Reese: We can't get fat.

Chris: LMAO! That would be your condition!

Reese: what? It's more for me than you! Lol! You'll never get fat! Me on the other hand, I can't even look at candy bar without gaining ten pounds!

And it was true, Reese wasn't the skinniest girl. She was more easily explained as being a girl of average body shape and a little more shapely around the waist and butt to her horror. But she learned to quit calling herself fat and just except she wasn't skinny. Reese had recently taken to calling herself just athletically built with wide hips.

Chris: true. But you prob won't either.

Reese: thanks. Any other condition or whatever?

Chris: not that I want to or am opposed to it... But could we maybe mess around? I mean, you know just for curiousity's sake...

Reese's eyes widened as she read the text, but what do you expect from a sixteen year old boy? And besides... They were commiting to each other as last resort life partners anyways and they were best friends. She trusted him and therefore trusted him not to be taking advantage of her.

Reese: um... Sure? I mean we are already talking about possibly marrying each other. Besides it will be all physical, no emotion... Right?

Chris: right, well unless we do get married...

Reese: true. True...

Chris: you know I'm not a bad boyfriend, probably one of the best ;)

Reese: lol! As your friend, I believe that.

Chris: alright. Hey, I g2g. Penny is coming over soon.

Reese: okay. Bye (:

Chris: bye! ((:

Reese stared at her phone in shock. What had just happened? Should she have made this promise? What if Penny found out? What if they really did end up marrying each other? Why did he ask her of all people?

Reese: Cheryl... What if I made a promise to a boy to marry him at the age 30 if we weren't married to any one else by then?

She didn't know who else she could trust aside from her other best friend, Cheryl and she needed assurance she hadn't made a rash decision.

Cheryl: that would be a good idea.

Reese: promise you won't tell any one else ever, but I made that promise to Chris... And we agreed we could mess around (because we are already talkin' about possibly marrying one another). And not getting fat.

Cheryl: Chris? and lol! Really? You don't think the messing around with each other would make it awkward during track... Would it?

Reese: we didn't say we were going to.. we just wanted to see where our limits were.

And it wouldn't get weird, this agreement... Right?

'No, it won't.' Reese assured herself.


A/N: How was this for a start? What do you think about the story line so far? Hope ya'll liked it!

Also message me with characters, I need characters with the name Cheryl, Penny, and two boy characters to play Christopher's best friends.


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