Chapter 1

Here We Go

by: WiseGirl_
We all have our fandoms, be it par tof the main triad, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and Twilight, or one of the lesser populated fantopias, like Divergent, Mortal Instruments, and Percy Jackson. All of these sectors have their draws, and I am not here to degrade or rain on anyones fan parade. I just want to hear everybody's perspective. Now, I am a main offender of Twilighthypeophobia. (''Twilighthypeophobia: the hatred of twi-hards, and the Twilight movie franchise, but not the books, which aren't really terrible, but could be improved.'') But I would like to see the Twi-Hards views, just like I want to hear the Potterheads side (WOO), the Tributes side, and all of the OTHER fandoms thoughts on all of this.

So here is how this thing is going to work. If you apply to any of these fandoms (that I will list) post a comment following this format (that I will post in uno momento) and if I chose you to be the Fandom Ambassador, you can answer a set of questions I will message you and I will post the Q and A's in a chapter, this may help some of us prejudiced fans to get over our hatred. KEEP IN MIND if you agree to participate as a Fan Ambassador, you may be disagreed with and some people may not like what you have to say, but this is what you signed up for, any way, who doesn't like a little friendly conflict?


- Harry Potter

- Twilight

- Percy Jackson and the Olympians (this includes Heroes of Olympus)

- The Hunger Games

- The Mortal Instruments

- Divergent

(I have read all of these, that's why these are the only ones listed)


Name: (first only)
Age: (only so I can watch my language :D)
Series of Choice:
Why You Should Be the Ambassador: (a few sentences)

Thanks for reading this and participating, I will post another chapter with the Fan Ambassadors, unless you want your privacy, then tell me if I message you with the subject [blank] Fanbassador (ex. Harry Potter Fanbassador). Adios, ciao, aloha, aurevoir, talk to you all soon!


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