There's a difference...........(me and my cousin)

Chapter 1

Diffences between family

I love her. I truly do. But She get's me mad, She's nothing like me, i know not everyone is like me but, she acts like if i'm an alien. She olny treats my other cousin like a human. She acts like my sisters are crazy people. She's stuck up. I might look stuck up but I'm not. I have been told many times i look stuck up, then they say i'm not. But she,people say she is and never change there opinion.She can't live without make up. I never wear make up. She likes to talk about people. I don't. She is spoiled like hell. I am spoil too, but i can admit it.She can't. She believes in love, more like first sight love.I don't believe in love,i know thats wierd but who's normal. I swear, she never understands nothing, she's super slow. We can make fun of her and she will just laugh. I know i sound mean, but it's the truth i can't hide it any more. She calls me a city kid while she is the stuck up brat. She called herself a country girl just because she listens to country and where she lives is small,(where i live is small to. so i don't get her). It annoys me so much. I'm not a city girl I'm a town's girl. While my stuck up cuz is a slut.I hate cuzzing sorry you guys. I just need to say it. Because me and her kinda look alike but different. She looks evil while everyone who knows me says i look like an angel.
-love glory
sorry for saying that stuff
Ps. Who are the quibblo queens? My friend told me about them but i want to know more. They shouldn't be big mouths to strangers. <3

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