The Adventures of Witchy and Vampy~ Tales of a witch and a vampire

Made bai Jinx and Dante Jr. :) ENJOY!!! :D

Chapter 1

Meh is like: :O

Name: Khalida Tala, but to her friends Kerri
Age: Says she is 13, but is 13,000
Hair: Dark red with some lighter red highlights
Eyes: black
Species: vampire
Pet: a ferret (idk y i luv those) named Than (which means death)
Body type: Skinny, pale, quick, flexible
Personality: Dark, Sarcastic, stubborn, funny, loud yet often outspoken, shuts people out. but to those close to her, she is loving and caring and protective.
Other: she is a skilled fighter and lives in a haunted abandoned mansion but she has befriended most of the ghosts. she tells ppl she lives in an orphanage but she lives on her own cuz she doesnt know her parents or where they r. she is rich and has everything she could ever want but doesnt care for it.

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