Slug Club is Back!!

I decided to bring back the Slug Club!!! It will have everything that it had before: contests, quizzes, games, stuff like that!!! ;)

Read below if you want to join!!!

The credit for the name 'Slug Club' goes to J.K Rowling, for making it up!

Chapter 1

Bringing back Slug Club!!

by: LoveHP
Hey everyone! I decided to bring back Slug Club!!! It will have everything it had before, plus there is a brand-new Slug Club Member of the Month!!

The Slug Club will start August 1st. Anyone who wants to join can message me or comment below. If you still want to join and it is past August 1st, you can still join!! Anyone can join whenever they want!

Rules of Slug Club

1. No bullying or harassing!
2. No swearing or cursing!
3. Please try to stay on the topic: Harry Potter! You can only do Hunger Games, Divergent, Narnia, etc. if there is a crossover contest!
4. Have Fun!

Slug Club Member of the Month

Like I said earlier, there is going to be a Slug Club Member of the Month. I will choose one Slug Club Member and make them the Member of the Month. If you don't get chosen, don't worry! You might get chosen the next month. But if you don't get chosen and see someone else get chosen twice, just message me and tell me! I will do something about it immediately!

If you have any questions about Slug Club, message me. Please don't comment below.

Slug Club Forever!!

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