A Mindless Moment : Roc Royal Version

* Phone conversation *
You : Okay bye baby. I have to go.
Roc : Okay. Goodnight. I love you.
You : Goddnight. I love you too. Call me first thing tomorrow okay?
Roc : I got you
* The next day *
You : * constantly calling Roc til he finally answers *
Roc : Hello?
You : ROC!
Roc : Yeah wassup bae?
You : You said you would call me first thing today. I was the one who had to call you.
Roc : I know, I'm sorry. I been so busy lately I forgot :-/ Okay I promise tonight at 8 imma call you.

Chapter 1


by: tifftff5
You : You said that so many times before.
Roc : Believe me this time.
You : Kayyy.
Roc : I love you bye.
You : Mhm, I love you too.
-- Couple weeks later --
You : * decide to surprise roc by showing up at mb's hotel *
You : * knocks on door *
Keisha : HEY [Your Name]
You : Heyyy!(: Is Roc here?
Keisha : Yeah in his room right there.
You : Thanks (: * walks in his room *
Roc : * on oovoo with fans * AYEEE
You : ..No wonder you never have time for me anymore.
Roc : What?
Roc : Chill.. where is all this coming from anyway?
You : Ask your oovoo h0es. * walking out on him *
Roc : * pulls you back to him * Oh so that's what this is about?!
You : Yea! How come when I call, you can never talk to me for more than 5 minutes? How come when you promise to call me back you never do? That's not cool Roc. :-/ Now all you care about is your fans.
Roc : That's not true. I care about you too.
You : No you don't.
Roc : Yes I do.
You : ... Prove it.
Roc : * Shuts off his computer *
You : You didn't even say bye! :O
Roc : There, I proved it.
You : Haha, well now what?
Roc : I'm sorry, I love you * kisses you *
You : I love you too. * kisses back * Promise to have more time for me?
Roc : I promise. Promise to not be jealous of me spending time with fans?
You : I promise. :)

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