Hogwarts love story


Chapter 1

Boarding the train.

"Are you excited?" Mom asks. "Yeah. I can't wait!" I'm more curious than excited, but she doesn't need to know that. "Oh & Ana?" sigh "Yes Mother?" "Stay out of trouble. And don't forget you can ask your grandfather if you hav any questions!" I'm boarding the train while i say, "Ok Mom!" I wonder what other kids will think when they find out my grandfather is the headmaster I think while I look for an empty compartment. No, no, no, finally! I enter it & close the door. Seeing as its going to be a long ride, I put in my headphones & turn the music REALLY loud. After a few songs a blonde boy comes in w/ to guys behind him. He says something. I can't here him but I'm pretty sure their asking if they can sit w/ me. I just nod & gesture to the seat across from me. Of course the two big guys take up one whole seat so the blonde-haired boy sits by me. I realize my mom would disapprove of me being so anti-social, so i take out my headphones & start talking to the guys in here. "So.....I'm Ana. And you are?" "Draco Malfoy. Are you American?" "Yeah." "So are you as lame as all the other Americans are?" I feel just about ready to slap this boy. "Have you ever even been to America? Or do you just listen to everything your daddy tells you?" He looks mad now, so i put on a smug little smile. "No..." He says, gritting his teeth. "Well then, no Americans are not lame. And neither am I" "Fine, whatever. What house do u want?" I think for a second, then reply "I guess Ravenclaw, but Slytherin is cool to. Despite the fact it's filled w/ future deatheaters. But my mother was in Hufflepuff & she wants me to be in that house. What about you? Slytherin right?" "Yeah. U said ur mom was a hufflepuff. What about your dad?" I fill w/ anger but try my best to contain it. "My dad is a muggle." "Are you alright?" He asks. "Well no. My parents never really got along, and he didnt know my mom was a witch so when he found out he was mad and said that she was lying to him their entire marriage. Then he left me & my mom." "Oh." "Yeah but he's moved out before, he's not gonna come back this time but, it's no bigg-y." We keep talking until we got to the school.

~The school~

We get off the train & into the canoes w/ a few other ppl. Our guide is a big oaf named Hagrid. Finally the canoe ride is over. "Hagrid?" I say. "Yes little missy?" "Are you part giant? Because your like a giant fun clumsy monster! Oh & that was a compliment by the way." He chuckles, "Yes i am! Well i should get going now." "Bye-bye!" I introduce myself to the other ppl who were in the canoe w/ me & Draco. "Well hi guys! I'm Ana & i'm from America." A boy w/ black hair & bright green eyes says, "I'm Harry, Harry Potter." "Hmm why does that name sound familiar?" Another boy w/ red hair says, "You may also know him as 'The Boy Who Lived'. I'm Ron Wealsey by the way." "Right! Now i know who you are!" The last person to introduce themsleves was a girl w/ big poofy hair. "I'm Hermione Granger." "Well it's great to meet you all!" It wasn't till then that i noticed Draco wasn't w/ us. I look over & c him w/ some pug-face girl. I'm just about to walk over to him when an old lady w/ a tight hair bun shows up. She leads us into the dining hall. Apparently now we're all gonna be sorted into our houses. So Draco gets called up. The hat barely touches his head when it calls out "Slytherin!" A few more ppl go up. Ron, Hermione, & Harry are all sorted into Gryffindor. More ppl. Then my name is called. I walk up & the hat is put on my head. The hat says, "Hmm difficult. What do you think Albus?" Grandfather just shrugs. "Well how about............SLYTHERIN!" And w/ that i go over to the Slytherin table & sit next to Draco. "Why did the sorting hat ask Dumbledore what house to put you in" "Because...he's my grandfather." Draco is shocked. "Oh, that's uh great!" He says w/ a fake smile that makes me giggle. We eat & then go up to the slytherin common room.

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