Severus Snape in love

i know it starts out kind of flat but please just bear with me. and i am sorry for the tragic Rose Dawson name it was the only romantic name i cuold think of at the time.
Character: Rose Lynn Dawson
Age: 17 1/2
Height: 5'8"
looks like: body girls would envy, green eyes, brown hair, cut shoulder length
House: Slytherin

Chapter 1


by: Thorn666
"Detention, Miss Dawson!"
I jerked out of my reverie only to see professor Snape standing in front of me with a reproving look on his face.
"And 10 points from Slytherin for not paying attention. You will serve detention in my office at 8 o'clock tomorrow."
"Yes professor," I replied sulking. The rest of the day went by as usual, when dinner was done i headed to the common room. i trudged up to my bed looking forward to a good night of sleep, except i found someone rummaging through my stuff! It was that little git Blaise Zabini! "Stupefy!" I yelled.i checked to make sure everything was present and accounted for. When that checked out I dragged Zabini to the common room and left him there without reversing the spell.

I was woken up with a pillow to the face. "Wake up sleepyhead!" My best friend Dawn was entirely too perky in the morning. I grunted in protest at her and was about to fall asleep again when i felt the covers yanked off and i feel on the floor. i growled at her for that.
"Come on! You'll feel better after you get some breakfast."
I groaned as i got up. When i came down Dawn gaped.
"Why are you dressed up?" she asked. I shrugged, like h3ll if i knew, just had the urge. I was wearing my sleeveless little black dress, black high heels, some sparkles in my hair, a slender diamond necklace with matching earrings, some light make-up, and a silver ring with a black stone i never took off.while eating breakfast i felt like someone was watching me. i looked around and saw professor Snape watching me with a strange look in his eyes. it looked like...longing, sadness? i didn't know but when he saw me watcching he looked away. wait a second did he just blush a little?
while Dawn and i shopped I pondered the odd events of this morning.
"- like this?" she was saying.
I snapped back saying "huh?, oh. yeah. it looks great!"
"i know right," she exclaimed. she chattered on not noticing my silenced preocupation.
"we should head back it's getting dark." Dawn said.i looked at my watch and i almost instently freaked.
"OH FVCK!!!!! I'm gonna be late for detention!!" i shreiked. I took her hand, she apperated us to the gates, and after i slipped off my shoes i took off running for dear life. When i arrived i just raised my fist to knock when he opened the door. After i served detention i went to bed. as i undressed i pondered professor Snape's behavior during detention. He kept staring at me and it LOOKED like he blushed some. i was starting to think he might have a crush on me. but, how is that possible i thought to myself he's a teacher and your a student it couldn't happen unless you hid it and even then people would find out.

alright i need suggestions on what should happen next. how do they get together do you think?

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