The Spider.....

Read below!

Chapter 1


by: Carrie_
I just killed a spider in my room!!! AHHHHH!!! I was chasing it around my room with a tissue box (with no tissues in it of course) and trying to hit it! It didn't work so I used my flip flop. It worked! YAY!! I was shaking. I was so scared! Yes, I am afraid of spiders.....Wanna see it??

Here's the pic link!

I'm still shaking a little. So gross.....LOOK at the picture!! I dare you to.....Does anyone know what kind is it? Cause I really want to know! I think when I was like 7 or 8, I was watching TV and a spider just like that was crawling on my arm and I didn't know it was so when I finally noticed, I screamed. And my dad was making fun of me and I cried. :( It looked a lot like the one I killed too! :O


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