World Tour: Michael Jackson Tribute

World Tour: Michael Jackson Tribute

The adventure continues after all of the drama, the journey and struggle. But the new adventure begins as Regina, Felicia, and Lizzy goes on tour with Michael Jackson. With the offer accepted the girls now face new challenges, adventures, and new friends and enemies as they go on the Dangerous Tour.

Chapter 2

Remembering the Journey

3:25pm, New York.
Felicia's house.

Regina: Some journey right?
Felicia: More like a wild ride.
Lizzy: How's Lydia doing?
Felicia: Still crazy and in love, obviously jail is not breaking her.
Regina: Hopefully she doesn't try to escape, I don't want the adventure to repeat it's self again.
Felicia: Got that right. They should put her in a straight jacket.
Lizzy: She's your sister.
Felicia: Well my sister almost got us killed Liz, she's unstable.
Lizzy: True, but at least we saved Michael and we got to spend some time with him.
Felicia: I know, best part of the journey ever.

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