It's everything about you (a one direction group story)

hey, this is a group story with moamoo808, dedicateddirectioner, and more soon to be added hopefully!

Chapter 1

stole my heart (maddi)

Name: Madeline (Maddi) Dupont
Birthday: July 7, 1993
Eyes: deep blue
Hair: dark brown
Looks/Complexion: high cheekbones, tall, dancer-skinny, and miami beach tan
Boy: harry

I was in my closet trying to pick out an outfit for tomorrow night when my phone rang on my bed. i walk out of my closet and flop onto my bed and answer my phone.
"hello?" i ask.
"maddi! do you have an outfit for tomorrow?" my best friend, liz hoffman, says on the other line.
"no. thats what i was triyng to decide before you called. why?" i ask.
"wanna go to the mall? i have nothing either" she says.
"yeah. wanna go in my car?" i ask. im 18, i turn 19 in a few days, so i have a real license.
"sure. i'll be at your house in a few?" she says.
"see ya here!" i say. i blow her a kiss on the phone, she blows me one back, and we laugh at our inside joke and hang up. tomorrow night, my brother's best friend, darren, is having a party that every 17-22 year old thats anybody knows about. he's holding it at his parents' mansion, so of course you had to dress up. its an exclusive party, but me and my friends got in because 1) darren fancies me, 2) my brother is practically his brother, and 3) we're kind of popular. i change out of my yoga shorts and pink tank into black high waisted shorts, an army green tank, and i tuck the tank into the shorts, then i pull on some black ballet flats. Then i put my hair in a high ponytail. i put a little eyeliner and lip gloss on, then i grab my purse and walk out.
"going somewhere, love?" my father, William, asks me when i walk into the kitchen.
"how can you tell?" i ask.
"you're a fashionista, madeline, but you only actually wear a real outfit when youre not going to be spending the day in your room" my father says, and ruffles my hair, so it messes up my ponytail. of course, that doesnt make me happy.
"dad! was that necessary?" i yell.
"yes, because i love watching your reaction" he says.
"youre worse than matthew!" i say as i fix my ponytail.
"what about matthew?" i hear a husky, lazy voice call from the doorway to the kitchen. my brother, matt, is standin there in a plain white t-shirt, dark washed jeans, and a gold chain around his neck. i gotta admit, i can see why practically every girl in our school has a crush on him. he's tall, tan, fit, and his dark brown hair is wavy and long, but not in a girly type of way. his deep blue eyes are identical to mine, except his aren't surrounded by eye liner, mascara, and just a hint of eye shadow. i have to admit, a lot of the boys at our school like me. thats why he never brings his friends over.
"nothing, matt" i say.
"youre going out?" matt asks.
"am i really that predictable?" i ask.
"yes" my father and brother say in unison. i roll my eyes and go into our fridge. beer, coke, pepsi, red bull, and barely any water lines the top shelf. ugh, its times like these when living with two guys really sux. i grab a water and diet coke and sit at the breakfast table next to matt.
"what time is it?" i ask.
"can you not read the clock thats right above the fridge?" matt asks me.
"i can read it, but i dont want to." i say.
"it's 1:30" my dad says. "Where're you going?" he asks me.
"to the mall with liz" i say.
"okay. be back before midnight" my dad says. a bonus with living with two guys, there aren't many rules.
"kay" then the doorbell to my front door rings. i answer it and liz walks in.
"hey will, hey matt" she says. yeah, we're so close she can just walk in and call my dad will. i toss her the diet coke and she drinks it then i sip my water.
"want anything, liz?" i ask.
"nah. you ready?" she says.
"yeah. leggo. see ya guys later" i say to my dad and brother and we walk out. we get into my car, and as soon as i turn it on, WMYB starts blaring from the speakers.
"YOUR INSECURE DONT KNOW WHAT FOR YOURE TURNING HEADS WHEN YOU WALK THROUGH THE DO-OH-OR..." liz and i start screaming along. then gotta be you starts playing and i dont notice that liz doesn't sing at harry's part. "um, missy, why aren't you singing?"
"cause im letting you sing with your lover" she says.
"what?" i ask, but i know what she's talking about. i grew up in holmes chapel but i moved to london when i was 15, and i guess you could say harry and i went out when we were both 11, before i moved. i was his first kiss, and he was mine. we broke up when i found out i was moving. i moved back to holmes chapel a year ago, but harry was gone, as in he's super famous with one direction.
"you should so get back together with harry" she says.
"um, forgetting something?" i say.
"what?" she asks. i facepalm myself despite the fact tht i'm driving.
"he's super famous." i say.
"but he's comin to the party tomorrow" she says. wait what?! i slam on the brakes. "woah, maddi!" she says.
"what did you say?" i say.
"harry is coming to the party tomorrow." she says.
"wait how?" i ask.
"darren went out with gemma but they broke up but they're still friends and he invited her and there's a rumor that harry is coming. you two should totally ache-yoo(spelled h-u)" she says.
"um, we dated when we were 11. if you could call it that" i say.
"whatever. but admit it. you still like him" she says.
"never" i say. we go through the rest of the ride talking about random girl things, then we pull into the malls parking lot.
4 hours later, liz and i walk out of the parking lot, cracking up, and carrying a bunch of shopping bags. the outfit liz bought:
and the outfit i bought:
the next day, i wake up already excited. i realize i'm on the floor right by my door. liz is asleep with her back propped against my bed. i'm thinking "what the fu..." when i see like 6 beer bottles on the floor on the left side of my room. that explains the pounding in my head. and why me and liz are in nothing but our bras and underwear. how the helllll did that happen? because im too lazy to stand up, i crawl over to liz and i shake her awake.
"whaaa... wait why are you half naked?" she says sleepily.
"look down" i say. she looks down and her eyes widen.
"oh" she says. "how..."
"i dont know. but it might explain there are 6 beer bottles on the floor over there." i say. i go over to my iphone and unlock it. its open to instagram.
failed says the little bar at the top. i look at the picture i was going to post. oh dear god. its a picture of me and liz in our underwear, and liz's teeth are on my bra strap. liz looks over my shoulder and recoils.
"wow. we were wasted" she says.
"i know. im guessing jacob wouldnt like this pic if i posted it" i say. jacob is liz's boyfriend. "lets see what else i did under the influence"
"i thought that term was for drugs" liz said.
"oh well." i say. i open my messages and gasp. the most recent person i texted is harry. harry styles.
heyyyyyy sexayyyyy i wrote. liz looks over my shoulder and bursts out laughing. thats not the worst part of it. he wrote back.
hey... maddi? he wrote back five minutes ago! i type,
hey, harry. havent talked 2 u in a while. sry bout my last text. i had a bad night last night i write.
its ok. ive been there. r u going to darren's party tonight? he asks.
so the rumors r tru? ur goin? i type. i walk over and pull on some hollister jeans shorts and a navy abercrombie tank. he writes ack,
maybe... gemmas going. im not sure if i'll no anybody he writes.
wow. ur famous. ppl r gonna love u i say.
so?thats the reason i came to holmes chapel this summer. i needed a break he says.
pweety pweez? u wont wegret it! i write.
fine. but u gotta save me a dance he says. i stare at the words for a while, i dont believe they're there. then my phone starts playing "man down" by rihanna and i snap out of my trance. its now i dont regret transfering harry's contact onto my new phone. and i love how i transferred an old pic of us on my phone and set it as his conatct pic. because it says harry styles is calling me. i answer.
"hey harry." i say.
"hello, madeline" he says.
"can you not call me madeline?" i say. he chuckles on the other line.
"no. what else am i gonna call you?" harry asks.
"how about maddi, like everybody else calls me?" i say.
"you put me in the same rank as everybody else?" he says and you can hear the fake pout in his voice.
"yeah. get over it" i say. he laughs.
"well, i see you haven't changed over the years" he says.
"nope!" i say. he chuckles.
"look, im sorry, i have to go. but i wasn't kidding about you saving me a dance. bye" he says.
"b-bye" i say and he hangs up.
"OH EM GEEEE!!!!!" liz shrieks in my ear. i jump, because her chin is literally on my shoulder.
"god, shut, up!" i say. liz dives for her phone. she unlocks it, then she starts calling someone.
"hey jay! guess what?" she pauses. "MADDI HAS A BOYFRIEND!" she yells. pause "harry styles!" pause "yes way! they dated when they were younger!" pause "yeah. you would like harry" pause "how do i know? cause who did mads tell all about her new tryst with this new guy? me." pause "yeah well, i gotta go. mads looks like shes going to strangle me. bye love" she says, then hangs up.
"WHAT THE HELLLL WERE NOT AN EFFING COUPLE!" i yell. she walks over to my closet and pulls out a pair of my dark washed denim shorts and a white tank.
"well sorry. soon youre going to thank me." she says. i roll my eyes, not being able to stay mad at her. she keeps her natural bleached blonde-hair from falling onto her face with a french twist. she pulls on her silver lined aviators and i put on my white lined ones.
the party starts at 8 so from 10, which is the time we woke up, to 11 am, me and liz get bagels and coffee then from 11:30 to 5pm, we have a mini photo shoot in the nearby park then come back to my house and we start to get ready. liz takes a shower first, cause she takes longer. when she gets out, i get in. i use my special freesia scented shampoo and conditioner i only use for special occasions, then i put just a little of something that makes my hair glossy. then i use my vanilla body wash which i bought a ton of at a recent trip to paris. then i get out and get dressed in sweat shorts and strapless bra. i begin with my hair. i blow it out until its shiny and done. then i do my make-up. i put on some brown eyeliner then mascara, so my eyes look big and full. then i put on some golden brown eye shadow. im going for a flirty but fun look, so i put just the faintest hint of blush and then i get to work on my lips. first i put on some chapstick, then put on some pinkish lipsstick, then more chapstick then i rub my lips together, then put more lipstick on, then finally some lip gloss and my makeup is done. i sit on my bed and paint my toenails and nails a soft, flirty pink. finally, i go in my closet and pull on my dress. i take my brush and brush my wavy locks around my shoulders. i put in the silver hoop earrings and then i pull on my silver sandal stilettos.
"you done yet liz?" i ask. we promised we would get ready with eachother but we wouldn't look at eachother until both of us were done.
"almost... just.. gotta... get this... heel.. on!" she says. i turn around and gasp. liz looks gorgeous. she has her hair in a cute ponytail, her lips are ruby red, but she has such a natural look on.
"liz... you s3xy beast" i say. she laughs.
"what about you, mads? if i were a guy, i'd walk across the bar to flirt withya" she says. we both laugh at what she said.
"then i did my job perfectly."
"wait. you're missing something. right now your look says s3xy, but if you get to know me i'm insecure. wait. i got it!" she says and she goes into my jewelry drawer. she pulls out a silver cuff bracelet. she puts it on my wrist and i smile at her. this is why i love havin my best friend with me 24/7. she fixes my outfits, helps me through tough times, and maybe if it weren't for her i might have never texted harry in the first place.

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