The VHS Tape

This is a Creepypasta (A short horror story) That I wrote a few days ago. It was my first one, so it has a lot of cliches, but I hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 1

The VHS Tape

I had just finished my daily tradition of reading Creepypasta before bed (Which I always ended up regretting) and decided to check my Facebook newsfeed. There wasn't much different than usual. I came across a post that my friend had shared that had a picture of "Max and Ruby", a childrens' show that I wached frequently as a kid. The post was one of those that said "Like and share if you remember this!" Which I always thought was pathetic, but it made me want to watch the show again.
I browsed the internet for free episodes of Max and Ruby, but everything either cost money or I would have to download it, which I was to lazy to do. I remembered that my aunt who used to babysit me while my mom was at work used to record shows from Nick Jr. and Noggin so that I could watch them later. I walked into the living room, where we kept a box of DVDs and VHS tapes, and searched through them. I found about 3 of them labled "Karli's Shows" and brought them back into my room to watch them.

The first tape started of with Moose A. Moose, the mascot of Noggin, singing "Fantastic Day", the opening song that played every morning before the shows started. I smiled as I watched my childhood friend sing such a familiar song. The tapes were old and weren't taken care of well, so it wasn't unusual to see the video glitching up. The first show that came on was "Little Bear". It was the "Winter Solstice" episode. It was kind of glitchy, with a light layer of static covering the screen, and at times you could hear the white noise, even though it wasn't disruptive. Sadly, the video stopped right after the episode. "Hopefully the next tape will have some more good shows on it," I thought. I rewinded the tape, since I never did as a kid before putting the tapes away. I pressed play, but the screen stayed blank, occasionally something would pop up on screen, but it was for such a short amount of time, so I couldn't tell what it was, and I didn't want to. I've read the Creepypastas where a person watches a movie or video, and quick images pop up on screen. The character is so curious that he or she just has to rewind it to see what it was, and it turned out to be a decaying corpse, or something along those lines, so I turned off the tape as soon as I could.

The last tape was very different. It started out in the middle of "Goodnight, Max", my favorite episode of Max and Ruby as a kid. The audio was deeper sounding than usual, and the video was gliching horribly. The video soon cut to static, and I wanted to turn it off, but I couldn't. I was mesmerised somehow by it. Once I snapped out of it, I turned it off. I ejected the tape, and it was smoking and hot to touch. I put all three tapes in my drawer, seperate from the others. I remember watching these a few years before, and they were normal. I'm hoping to find out more about how that happened.

It was about a week later when I found an old, dented tape sticking out from under my bed. I must have shoved it under there when I was younger, since I haven't cleaned under my bed in a few years. I pulled it out. "SHOWS" Was scrawled on the front of it. It most likely once said "Karli's Shows" at one time, but my name was scribbled out, which creeped me out a little bit. I didn't want to watch this alone, since the last tape was bad enough. Luckily it was a weekend, so I could have my friend Pamela spend the night. She was really in to scary things, so we planned to watch horror movies. I decided that after we watched the movies, I would show her the tapes.

After we watched the horror movies, She was laughing, and I was shaking. Not because of the horror movies, but because of the tape. Hopefully it was like the first two, and wouldn't be creepy or disturbing. "I'll be right back," I said, walking into the living room where I kept the tape. "What's up with the tape?" She asked. I told her about the 3 tapes that I had found before. "What are you waiting for? Put 'er in!" She said, much more enthusiastically than I had expected. "Well, alright..." I replied, pushing the tape in to the VCR. "Remember," I said, quickly turning to her. "We don't know what could be on this tape." "You've just been reading too much Creepypasta," She said, obviously annoyed by my nervousness.

I pressed play, and quickly jumped back so that I was next to her. It started with the opening of Max and Ruby, stopped on the title card. "Max and Ruby," Repeated the voice of the original singer, in a monotone, worried voice. It went on for about a minute before it cut to black. When the video came back, it showed Max staring at the camera, wide-eyed and angry-looking. It then cut to static, and just as I feared, I couldn't look away

. The way the black and white dots jumped around... It somehow had me in a trance again. Pamela, who would usually comment on and make fun of whatever was going on to lighten the mood, was silent. The screen then cut to video clips of things that Pamela and I feared. First, we saw a house fire. A man who was burning alive crawled out from under a pile of flaming rubble. I wanted to turn away more than ever, but I couldn't. The next clip showed a man in a dark room. He slowly turned towards the camera, revealing his horribly distorted face. He had no eyes, the sides of his mouth were forced in to a smile by scars (Like Jeff The Killer) and his nose was broken. Pamela had told me once that eyeless people scared her more than anything. Both of our worst fear had been shown to us. Thankfully, the video cut to two rabbits gracefully hopping around happily. While the video was cute and relazing,
I knew something was wrong. A young girl was shown holding the rabbits, and singing the theme song. She had the most beautiful voice I had ever heard.... We heard a click, and the tape stopped. It was over.
We sat up the whole night talking about the video, and what could have done this. The next day, my mother went to work, and Pamela's mom was coming to bring her home soon. We walked out to my backyard, carrying the tape and a box of matches. I motioned her to set the tape down in a pile of logs. I pulled out a match, and struck it against the box. For a split second, I forgot all about my fear of fire, and dropped the match into the pit, setting fire to the tape. Then, we noticed two rabbits staring at us out from behind my shed.


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