To Heal (A Darren Criss Fanfic)

Jamie thought her life was going downhill until one birthday present to go to a Starkid concert and meet Darren Criss lead her to realize that there is so much more in life to live for.

Chapter 1


by: jjimene5
(A/N: I'm new at this and this is my very first published fanfic! Please give me feedback- good or bad! It would be greatly appreciated. I hope you enjoy!)

"Come on, Angie! We should get ready soon!" I yelled to my roommate hurriedly.

"Okay, okay. Calm down! We still have six hours until the show actually starts," Angie Connoway replied with a mocking tone in her voice.

Angie is my best friend and she's basically like my sister. We've been through it all and we've been living together for about two years now. For my 24th birthday, she bought us tickets to go see the Starkids perform for the Apocalyptour on the other side of our city, Los Angeles.

"Sorry! I'm just so excited!" I exclaimed loudly with joy.

"I know you are and I'm glad! Hopefully it'll keep your mind off of things for a little while," Angie said with enthusiasm in her voice. She was obviously trying to make me even happier than I already was, but she did just the opposite.

I turned away from her and simply replied with a "mhm," rubbing the deep cuts on my wrist which all of a sudden started hurting. She walked over to me and saw the cuts, momentarily uncovered by my hand, quickly enough to realize that they were fairly new.

"Jamie, listen. What I'm trying to say is that you need a little break. You're so stressed out and too busy cutting yourself," she grabbed my wrist, "that you don't realize just how awesome life can be. I mean in another couple of hours, we are going to see a whole bunch of talented and amazing people!"

I nodded, gave her a big hug, and whispered delicately into her ear with tears in my eyes, "thank you so much."

She smiled and pulled away from my hug.

"You are very welcome. Now let me borrow one of those bracelets! They're amazing!" she said, pointing at the pile of homemade Starkid bracelets I had on the kitchen counter.

The bracelets were pretty big and I made them using string.

I lost my job a couple of months ago and was trying to save as much money as I could. Honestly, this concert is probably the most fun I'm going to have this year. I decided to dress up in my old clothes since I didn't have a Starkid shirt because of my saving money. I went to my closet and pulled out a nice casual light blue dress along with a denim jacket. I also grabbed a cute pair of sandals and aviator sunglasses. As for jewelry, I chose to put on simple flower earrings and of course, the homemade Starkid bracelets.

"You just look lovely as always!" Angie complimented when I stepped out of my room. She was wearing a Rumbleroar t-shirt that she got for her birthday from her sister a few months back.

"I gotta look nice if I'm going to meet Darren Freakin' Criss and all of the others! I still can't believe you got us full passes!" I replied with a quiet giggle and a cheeky smile.

"Well believe it. Now let's go! We might as well be there early," she said, grabbing her keys.

When we got out of the building, we hopped into her car and she played "Goin' Back to Hogwarts" on her iPod.

"Ready?" she asked with a smile as she was putting on her sunglasses.

"Ready," I answered excitedly, only imagining in my mind what surprises there were to come.

Jamie's outfit:
"Goin' Back to Hogwarts":

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