Pieces of fiction (or maybe nonfiction ;)) that are supposed to scare you- Horror Stories

This is my short-horror story book. The first two are terribly written things from when I was 13, so don't mind them. Or well, read them if you're feeling down because I've seen dirty fan fiction written better than this (you know what I'm talking about)

I can't believe people actually found this scary I mean okay the only thing scary about the first two is the terrible grammar.

Chapter 1

THe Doll

by: FerSure
You know those kids who you go to school with everyday since kindergarten but never learn their names? The outcasts? The silent ones? She was one of those.

Andrea entered the bathroom in a rush, she had to pee urgently.She felt so relaxed when she sat down. Ahh what a good feeling. When she came out to wash her hands, there was another girl in the bathroom. She hadn't noticed her there. The girl was very odd, indeed. She was the same age as Andrea, but she was very pale, she had golden hair and two black, lifeless eyes that stared into your soul. She was the total opposite of Andrea, who was tan, really tall and had amazing blue eyes. The girl looked so fragile, like she might break.
"W..what are you doing?"said Andrea, when looking at the knife in her hand and the blood on the sink. She was sure she saw cuts on skin but the image on her head was a broken doll.
"Oh god Andrea!"She said.
"How do you know my name? Who are you?"
"I know your name because we've been in the same classroom our whole lives..."
"But who are you?"
"Just no one..."
"Hm fine... why did you cut then?"
"Your best friend is having a party and everyone in town is going but me"
"She didn't invite me..."
"I'm sorry, I'll tell her to"
"Thanks!" She said, giving Andrea a hug and skipping happily off the bathroom.
Andrea got to where her best friend,Jessica, was eating a sandwich for lunch. Jessica was at the "popular" table with a bunch of other kids. She had saved a seat for andrea, like always.
"Heyyy what's up?"Jessica said.
"Um not much but there's this girl you didn't invite to your party and she was cutting in the bathroom so I thought you should..." Andrea got cut off by Jessica.
"Ugh you mean the pale freak? Dude she's a loser! Don't worry about her, she can go back to the kitchen and make me a sandwich."
"Aren't you eating one?"
"Well what will I do when I'm done?" Ah typical, eats-a-lot Jessica.
"Okay well I'll forget about her..."but she didn't.
After lunch the girls went to wash their hands in the bathroom. They were laughing and joking until one question stopped them.
"Can I come to your party?"The girl from earlier asked. That was scary, when they came in there was no one in the bathroom...
"Ehh sorry hun, the parentals are organizing it...you know, 100 rules..."Jessica lied.
Then at English class, Jessica got a note."Can I come to your party?" She knew from who it was so she just wrote"Sorry hun".
At three, when they were leaving school, Jessica got asked one last time"Can I come to your party?"
"Okay are you retar'ded? NO means NO. Now turn around and go die in a hole and bake me a cake with the blood from your cuts!"Jessica yelled at the girl. Everyone laughed and the girl left crying of embarrassment. Andrea felt really guilty, like the time she broke one of the dolls of her grandma's collection. She felt so bad but her grandma told her not to worry and she fixed it and then gave it to Andrea as a present.
It was midnight and Andrea was still on foot, dancing at the party with a few of her friends who weren't that drunk. Jessica was already in a room, knocked out and smelling like alcohol with some boy. She was crazy like that.
When dancing, Andrea thought she saw some golden hairs. She went to get Jessica and when she finally got her off the bed, Jessica was so mad and drunk that the poor girl got it real bad.
"DIDN'T I TELL YOU NOT TO COME?!YOU PALE FREAK!YOU DESERVE TO DIE AND GO TO HELL! STRAIGHT TO HELL, THAT'S WHERE THINGS LIKE YOU BELONG!"She screamed. She lifted the girl up in the air and smashed her against a rock. Her hair was now golden and red. She died immediately.
Three days later, Jessica wasn't at school, which seemed very odd to Andrea because Jessica had a perfect attendance record. When she passed by her house, she saw people coming out crying and dressed in black. She wondered what had happened.
Her mom was cleaning up in her house, throwing away stuff. She went to her room and checked her old stuff. Then she found the doll her grandma had given her. She remembered every note of the tune it played so she pulled the string once again like when she was a kid but this time it was different.
"Can I come to your party?"

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